Lydia: I normally don’t post much on Facebook I try to be pretty positive and post things I find interesting rather then confrontational or negative but I am BEYOND livid. So last night I waited on this young couple and I made sure they had everything they needed and normal server stuff. I recognized the girl because we went to the same high school and probably have mutual friends some where down the line. Well they got there entrĂ©es and so I left them to enjoy it. I filled up there waters a few times but they seemed fine. Next thing I know they are gone. The first table I have ever had to dine and dash. Knowing who the girl was I contacted her via. Facebook and her response is infuriating. I was completely nice and understanding and she was awful. I am a full time student and on top of that this semester I am doing an opera that requires me to lose a full week of work which is extremely stressful. So to have someone this ignorant come and tell me it’s my fault that she left without paying is baffling.