gunIt is reported that eight armed police officers were visiting a Buffalo Wild Wings in Manassas, Virginia when they were refused service because of their guns. Though they were on-duty** they were all dressed in plain clothing, but their guns were visible. A server approached them and informed them that the establishment was a gun-free zone. Even after showing their badges, the server refused to serve them, WWBT-TV reports.

Daryl LaClair, a local, was so outraged by the incident that the resident wrote a letter to the restaurant chain and started a public awareness campaign, The Blaze reports. The restaurant’s General Manager, Scott Lupton, responded to the incident and campaign stating that it was all a “huge misunderstanding.”

“There is no reason why those officers should have been asked to leave … police officers are always welcome in my establishment and even though we do have a no gun policy, as a company that excludes off duty** police officer,” a portion of Lupton’s e-mail response read. “As a company we are community oriented. We appreciate everything that police officers do for us.”

Lupton tried to reach out to the officers to apologize, but had not been successful. Lupton said he would reach out to the police department and personally apologize.

No word has been heard from the server who refused service to the officers. I would really like to hear the server’s side, considering this story seems to not have all of the facts. I find it hard to believe that a server took it upon themselves to make the call of not serving eight armed officers without the judgement from a manager or any other coworkers. I also find it hard to believe that the officers did not complain to management on the spot once the server refused to serve the officers. It’s hard to make a judgment on this story when the facts have not all yet been revealed.


**There have been contradicting reports on whether the officers were on duty or off duty. It has not yet been confirmed.