Simpsonville, SC:
I just wanted to let you know about my experience Saturday night. The Rams had just won State and we went to eat and wait on the team. When we were being seated I asked the hostess if they were ready for the crowd, that Hillcrest had just won state. She said “yeah we heard” and rolled her eyes. I thought that odd… After the team arrived the restaurant had become very crowded. My daughter was standing at the end of our table getting ready to leave and the waitress ran into her, pushed her and very rudely said ‘excuse me’ without looking back. I was livid but to be a good example I kept my mouth shut. I was telling a friend about it and she told me a few days earlier that she and her husband were sitting at the bar eating and the football team coming into the restaurant was brought up. The bartender told my friend that they hated it when the team came because it got so crowded and followed it up with the fact that it didn’t matter because they were not old enough to sit at the bar anyway. My friend told me it was a new bartender in the restaurant. Maybe she didn’t understand how much this community loves football… I don’t know but she had NO right to say that to any customer, especially one of the players mother!!!!!!!
I think that on nights such as Saturday the employees may have to work a little harder and yes it’s crowded but they should be making more money in tips. It really makes me sad that our favorite neighborhood restaurant employees act in such a negative manner. Saturday night was a history making event in our town. It was a HUGE deal to a lot of people. We chose to celebrate with Applebee’s and this is what we get. I will admit it is VERY disheartening! Good customer service really is hard to come by!