Worst experience ever at the Mishawaka Olive Garden today. We were seated at a table behind a man and women with a crying toddler. I am not exaggerating the child cried inconsolably the ENTIRE time we stayed. It became so disturbing that it made me physically ill and we had to leave the restraunte. The manager walked by but did nothing-he could have at least offered us a different table. I just wanted to enjoy my lunch and a pleasant conversation with my husband-tha’s all. We should have asked to move right away but common sense and courtesy would say that the parents would address the child’s issues and restore order, but no. They just sat there stuffing their faces and acting like the child was invisible or would disappear or magically be happy. We endured as long as we could until we left cash on the table and walked out.


So it’s the restaurants fault that kids cry? Perhaps the manager isn’t a mind reader and didn’t know how much you were bothered.. you should have requested another table.. managers can only address problems they are aware of