On Memorial Day my restaurant wasn’t very busy. I live in Florida and the thing to do on Memorial Day is to either go to the beach, go on a boat, or cook out. Unfortunately I was scheduled to work, so I did none of that.

It was a pretty slow night and I wasn’t making much money. I was sat with my last table, a couple, and at first glance they didn’t look like they were going to be big tippers. But I was still happy, smiley, and attentive to their needs.

Twice my coworkers came up to me with messages from the man at the table. It was their anniversary and he wanted us to give them a sundae, which is something that we do often, and he didn’t want his wife to know. No problem. Then he wanted a more expensive dessert and wanted us to sing the anniversary song we had. I was okay with the dessert part but hesitant about singing. The company did away with the song and protocol that three servers had to go to the table and sing it. But, since we weren’t that busy, at the end of the meal I asked two others to help out. We went and sang our little song and the woman was so surprised and they both were ecstatic.

Once the song was sung we chatted a bit about how long they were together (four years). Then the woman asked me where I was from because she thought I had an accent. I told her I was a local, but I am a theater student at the local university. Sometimes I fall into a southern accent because of the country decor of the restaurant. That led into questions about what shows I had done locally. I named a few and at one she stopped me and said “that’s where I know you from. We went and saw that show as our first date four years ago.”

I was floored. It felt like it was a small world that I was there, unknowingly, on their first date, and I was also helping them celebrate their four year anniversary. It made a night that could have been seen as a bad one into a night that made me feel a little warm and fuzzy.


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