In St. Charles, Mo. Kent Shanks visited his local Steak N’ Shake and ordered a strawberry shake and a burger.

After ordering his meal, Shanks walked up to the cashier. That’s when he noticed the employee working the register listed his name on the receipt as, “BLACK GUY”.

Shanks said the cashier was an African American which surprised him even more.

“My adrenaline kicked in and I just wanted to leave the restaurant as quickly as possible. I couldn’t even eat all the food,” he said.

“Personally i think he should lose his job over it because it’s like why would you do that to someone? That’s just totally ignorant.” Shanks said.

Shanks wife took a picture of the receipt and posted it to their Facebook where it has received a lot of attention and outrage. They have also contacted their local news station to spread the word of their experience.


Is it really that big of a deal? I mean…you are a black guy correct? Yeah, that was stupid of the cashier/server to do, but is this really newsworthy?

Do you think this is being blown way out of proportion?