I have worked at many different restaurants in New Orleans. Each section of the city has a unique atmosphere and culture of people. The oddest area had to be downtown. That area hosts many conventions and tourists from all over the world. The strangest tip I ever received was by the strangest table I have ever served.

The convention in town had to do with the adult film industry. I pushed to work that night because I know it would be a very unique night.

I had a 12 top of little people adult stars. They dressed slinky and with lots of leather. When I asked what they did, they all laughed and said they were midget porn stars! The table of 12 drank 8 bottles of wine and a number of mixed drinks. Keep in mind that no one was over four and a half feet tall. I left them their check and when I returned they were gone. They have left in a flash so I assumed they ran out so they wouldn’t see my face when I saw their tip. They left me a little over 15% and a prize. It was the biggest black dildo I have ever seen! I didn’t even see them carrying it to the table! It was still shirk wrapped with the name Rambone on the label. I had to walk all the way through the restaurant carrying my tip that I couldn’t hide under my apron! After work, I walked down to a nearby bar with my Rambone in my hand! After spending almost all of my tips drinking at the bar, I noticed someone stole my prize! I guess there was a way to hide such a large tool since I didn’t see the little people carrying it in and the thief carrying it out. I wonder if they found a good use for it. If anyone in New Orleans sees my Rambone, please leave me the information in the comment section under this article.


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