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I’d like your opinion. Last night I picked up dinner from a local steak restaurant, part of a small local chain. This restaurant has “to go” parking and a dedicated door. I placed my order by phone and arrived, knocked on the door and had to wait a couple of minutes in the heat for the server to show up. This was dinner for four, two adults and two kids, total order $76 and I tipped $14 for a total of $90.

The meal was bagged and ready, with several Styrofoam cups on top of the bag. I didn’t check the order as the bag was packed tightly.

It’s a 15 minute drive home. I arrive and, as I start to unpack the bag, my phone rings and it’s the restaurant/server telling me that she forgot to give me the smoothies I ordered for the kids. No apology was offered. Because the kids would be disappointed not to get their smoothies, I grabbed my purse and went back to the restaurant, 15 minutes back to the restaurant.

I arrive and, once again, had to get out of my car to get the drinks. Once again, no apology was given of any kind. I know I gave her an annoyed look and she asked if there was anything else I needed. I just grumbled in response.

How do I know what else she missed and what else we might need?

By the time I got home, dinner had been delayed almost an hour and was barely warm or even cool, including the smoothies, which were melting. Cool steak and shrimp and warm salad really don’t cut it.

I wish there was some way to tip for take out AFTER you find out you actually received the correct order. Because I strongly resent having tipped her at all. Personally, I think in addition to the much needed apology, she should have done *something* – used some of the $14 in tips I gave her to have refunded the cost of drinks – given me a coupon. Something. But I didn’t even get an apology.

What are your thoughts?

~ Submitted By Kathleen ~