Giving My Child A Few Sips Of Alcohol Is Perfectly Okay

Cara: How do you feel about parents giving drinks of alcoholic beverages to children, in this particular case the baby couldn’t have been more then 6 months. We had to literally send a manager to the table to ask them to stop. This is the note they left…

Note Reads:

To Whom It May Concern:
Ohio Revised Code Section 4301.69
Children can legally drink with their parents if underage.

Giving my child a few sips of beer is perfectly ok, however letting them drink pop or have candy can have long term negative effects to their health. Concern yourself with things that matter. Thanks for the food.

Repeat DUI Offenders Banned From Buying Alcohol?

A proposed law in Tennessee would ban people with multiple DUIs from buying alcohol. Their state IDs or driver’s license would also indicate that they are not allowed to purchase booze as well.

Republican Representative John Holsclaw, the bill’s sponsor, told CNN “When we researched it a little bit, there were over 1,000 individuals last year convicted of a third DUI, so to me if we save one life out there, this bill’s made a big difference.”

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