Amy’s Baking Company Is Hiring!

Oohhh will they ever learn?

Amy’s Baking Company was featured on Kitchen Nighmares with Gordon Ramsay, where they criticized for their actions on the show. Since their appearance, let’s just say it has been a train wreck we just can’t seem to look away from.

Read more on the story and watch the episode HERE



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Amy’s Baking Company Owners May Be Getting Their Own Reality TV Show


Amy and Samy Bouzaglo, the owners of Amy’s Baking Company best known for their bad behavior on the show Kitchen Nightmares, may be getting their own reality TV show, according to They have received several offers from production companies and are ready to seal the deal.

Watch The Kitchen Nightmare Episode Here

A source revealed to RadarOnline that

“Right now Cineflix is the most serious production company trying to secure Amy and Samy. They want to develop a show around their restaurant and their bad behavior.

Amy and Samy are all for it because they feel like it’s the only way to keep their restaurant open.”

Would you watch it?

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Amy’s Baking Company Kicks Out Reporters Who Found Flies In Their Drink

amy18Apparently at Amy’s Baking Company, when you order a dirty martini, they take you literally.

Phoenix Business Journal reporter Hayley Ringle decided to make a visit with friends to the restaurant, who was featured on the show Kitchen Nightmares and has become a feeding frenzy for tabloids due to the crazy behavior from the owners on the show. To no surprise, Samy Bouzaglo turned out to be just like he was on the television for the reporter and her friends.

Watch what happened on the show HERE.

During Ringle’s visit one of her friends and coworkers, Adam Kress, noticed a fruit fly floating in his martini. He brought it to Samy’s attention and the owner then apologized and replaced it with a new drink, which also had a fruit fly in it. Kress called the owner over again, who then blamed it on the lemons and picked up the drink to make another. He brought out a third drink which had, not one, but three flies floating around in the drink.

At this point the diners were quite annoyed and called Samy over again. That is when Samy reacted similar to how he acted on national television.

He immediately became defensive. He said there are no bugs in the drinks, and he would pay for all of our drinks and then said we needed to leave.

I asked him if there were no bugs, did he think we planted them in the drinks? He again told us to leave.

So our group of four, which had all ordered alcohol except for me, and had each ordered a dish close to $15, walked out at Samy’s stern request.

The party decided to continue their night out next store at Pita Jungle where they had a more pleasant experience.

Amy’s Baking Company sure is living up to their reputation.

Read the full story HERE.

Amy’s Baking Company kicks us out after we find flies in the vodka (three times) – Phoenix Business Journal


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The Owners of Amy’s Baking Company Are Now Saying Yelpers Are Endangering Their Lives and Set Them Up On The Show

What will they come up with next?

Now the owners of Amy’s Baking Company, who’s restaurant was featured on the hit show Kitchen Nightmares on FOX, claim that Yelpers are endangering their lives and set them up to look bad on the show. Just when I think these two can’t get any crazier, they pop back up in the news to prove me wrong…

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Here is an interview with Amy explaining how Yelpers are ruining their lives:!

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That’s a customer service pro right there

amy19In case you haven’t heard about it yet, Amy’s Baking Company was recently featured on FOX’s hit show Kitchen Nightmares. Since their episode the restaurant has received a lot of scrutiny and responses for the way they run their business and their actions on the show. Their Facebook page has become quite entertaining – especially since the owners continue to respond to the attacks…and not in a good way.

See more crazy responses from Amy’s Baking Company’s Facebook page —> HERE