Should We Tip Out The Owner?

Question From Corbin:

I had a question for you guys and all the followers of the page. We have essentially two bartenders, or a lead bartender, and a bar back every night at the club I work at. The owner is always present, usually in the office, unless we are busy enough to the point where we may run out of glasses, need help cleaning, etc. and the owner will come and help back us up. Should we tip him out? He works, and he works hard, and I am usually a firm believer that if you have to ask if you should tip the answer is yes. But this is a grey area for me at this point. I could use a little advice.

An Awesome Craigslist Rant Towards A Rude Customer



I saw you in there and I don’t know you or any of the people involved but I do know one thing-

You, sir, are an asshole.

You came in and sat on one side of a lady who was by herself eating dinner at the bar. You knew the guy sitting on the other side of her and you had a conversation over her. She asked you very nice if you wanted to switch seats, and you went off on her for no reason at all.

I don’t know if you’re just one of those gay guys who hates women or if you think that because your rich you can be shitty to people. But this lady was trying to do something nice and interrupt her dinner to trade seats so you could sit by your friend. You told her to stop talking and that she was not allowed to speak to you and that she doesn’t exist for you so she cannot talk to you. You were totally fucking terrible for no reason, she stopped eating and looked like she had been slapped in the face and was about to cry. There was no reason for you to talk to her like that, you ruined her dinner and probably her night, and you might own the building but you don’t own the business and you probably hurt the business because she’ll probably never go there again. I’m never going there again if they allow that kind of behavior. I bartend and if you tried that where I work, your fat ass would have been on the curb. You might be rich but you proved that you can’t buy class or manners.

As you left, the lady stood up and got in your face ripping you a new one and letting you know that you can’t get away with talking to people like that. I was in the group of guys at a table by the bar giving her a round of applause. Your lucky she said something to you, because I was about to, and I wouldn’t have been so calm about it. Next time you feel like being an asshole to someone for no reason, pick on someone your own size and see where it gets you.

To the lady- reply to this and I’ll give you the name of a bar where you won’t have to put up with fat rich assholes who act like pricks when someone tries to do something nice for them. Your dinner will be on the house.

Something Blue

It was an insane night as always and we were about four deep (that’s industry language for the rows of people waiting for a drink at the bar). We mainly pour shots and beer, but we can get as creative as we want. However, we prefer not to do so on these types of nights. We are a loud rock n’ roll bar with obscenities written on our bathroom stalls in sharpie that read “suck it Nancy” next to “Jesus loves you.” I find myself in the stalls longer than I would like to since I am receiving free entertainment from the inarticulate women that have attempted to Picasso the walls. Our bar does give off the vibe “The consumption of alcohol may cause pregnancy”, but it does have an addictive kind of satisfaction to it. We are some pretty tight niched bartenders that we refer to as family, and if you upset us, we tend you give you our interpretation of a charming experience.

Two young girls walk in wearing their Forever 21 knock off fashion attire. Their designer imposter apparel is somewhere between provocative and imbecilic. I say “Hi, what can I get for you?” One girl orders her drink and the other says in her penetrating valley girl accent, “Ummmmmm, something blue!” “Ok…” I slowly reply as if I am contemplating breaking out the braille. “Is there anything that you don’t like alcohol wise? Rum, vodka, anything? She says “Nope, just something blue.” I continue to see she is clearly unaware of her uneducated drinking abilities as I now have 5 more people staring me down. “Well, what do you want? Sweet, fruity, spicy? Do you have a preference?” I’m preparing myself for her earsplitting tactics as I reach for my headphones used to silence small aircraft carriers and whales (sonically). She takes in her first breath and exhales as she divulges in the middle of my sentence “Nope! Just something blue!”

I fire back rapidly, “OK, no problem!” I give a devilish smile as I turn to grab the well gin. I know that the only way to turn a drink blue is to use Blue Curacao, which is vile in itself (although I would drink a Blue Hawaiian…if I were dying of a rare disease and we ran out of peach schnapps because the world was ending). So I grab the gin, (which should be called cheap gin, massive hangover and taste like shit gin) and I pour it into a bucket glass. I take the “blue drink stuff” and throw a little color in the gin just to make it blue. I fill it up to the top, add a lime, set the drink in front of the girl and say “Here ya go! That’ll be 8 bucks.” She looks up at me with a vacant gaze and asks “What is it?” I reply “Something blue, have a great night!”

(Submitted By Samantha)

Tip Outs

I wanted to share this. Last night I worked my ass off for 8 hours, serving 4pm-midnight. Here where I live we make $4.95 an hour as server minimum wage. Meaning, after claiming all your tips and taxes, paychecks literally can be $0.

I don’t think people understand that, at some places, we have to tip out the bartenders and the bussers for helping us through the night. Last night I tipped out $50. If everyone had the horrible tipping mentality that some of the assholes that comment on this page do, I would literally pay to work sometimes.

(Submitted By Stephanie)

Tip Outs