Would You Accept A Military ID When Carding Someone?

I came across this post on Chili’s Facebook Page and was wondering how many of you would accept a military ID when serving alcohol and how many of you wouldn’t? I’ve never run into this issue so I was curious how others have dealt with it. From my understanding military IDs have birth dates on them, but I was not sure if it was legal to accept or not.



Just because I’m your bartender doesn’t give you permission to ask me personal questions

I get so tired of people asking me if I’m in school, what I’m studying, and what I plan to do after I graduate. What if I wasn’t in school? What if I was happy with my job, the hours and flexibility I work, and the comfortable living I earn?

Attached is a screenshot of an experience I had tonight.

The second image was my response to the flooding of kind words and encouragement I received from my friends and co-workers. It is important because I know that many people, especially women, can relate.Why should I put my life on hold (marriage, kids, etc) until I have what society believe is a “career”? Why can’t I do it all? People are SO judgemental it makes me sick.

I follow your page on Facebook and believe that it truly reaches out to many. I hope it can make a difference to those who haven’t worked in the industry….and those who currently do.

Take care,

Megan 😉

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