A Really Happy Birthday

OMG2This past February I turned 25. I had no plans for anything big, so when a shift opened up at work, I took it. It was an extremely slow shift. One of those days you know you are not making any money, however, I was happy to be around my co-workers, they always find a way to make me smile. This story is not about them though. Its about a couple who, overheard it was my birthday from another server and left me a very generous tip. I tried to say it was too much, but they just told me to buy myself something nice. I was so happy for the rest of my shift. I didn’t expect anything for my birthday, but they made it something to remember.




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Did He Tip You Well?

I had an odd situation today. Three-top, nothing special…two adult sons taking their mother out. At the end of the meal the one son offered to pay while the other was in the restroom. The check was about 65 and he gave me 70 and said to keep it.
Now, the other son comes back, rants about my great service, and asks if his brother tipped me well enough…
Of course, I smile and say he did, but he really, really didn’t. How would you guys have handled this?? I mean, I just don’t think I’d be allowed to say he hadn’t.


I am starting my own redistribution plan…like Obama


In case you can’t read the writing here is what it says:


Your service was Great. The Reason for No tip – I am starting my own Redistribution Plan Like Obama – Started 11/6/12 – I no Longer Tip or Donate to Charities. I give the Money to My Church instead & wounded warriors.

Thanks for Understanding

PS. Please Don’t Be offended I will Redistribute My own Money as I See fit!

When my coworkers think my food is their food


Anybody else have this problem? No matter who I am working with, my coworkers for some reason think that when I am on break (that is, if I even get one) they are free to help themselves to my food as they pass by.

I’m not going to lie, I am guilty of this too… 😉