How Dare You Charge Me Extra On My Birthday!

Birthday Entitlement…got to love it!


Customer < Benihana:

I’m so disappointed in my favorite restaurant. First you get rid of the hot towels. Then you make me bring someone with me in order to use (my) BIRTHDAY coupon so that you can get some extra money on the side and so you don’t feel like your missing out on some extra cash and then…….. YOU REFUSE TO PUT EXTRA GARLIC BUTTER ON CARRY OUT RICE THAT IS TYPICALLY DRY!!!! WHICH I KNOW SINCE I GO EVERY FRIDAY FOR LUNCH. And to add insult to injury you have the worst manager managing your location in Farmingion Hills, MIchigan at 21150 Haggerty Road. She needs a refresher course in customer service. I think she should be replaced with someone who actually likes their job and values others as people and not as walking dollar signs. It took three separate instances of bad service before I was forced to address this on their home page. Please let people who do not dine in have the choice of having extra garlic butter added to their rice in stead of trying to charge them. Your not charging for extra garlic butter at the table…. are you?

It’s My Birthday, Give Me Free Things!

Brandon: Came in for my birthday and told the waitress it was my birthday so I would get a free dessert maybe but she just wished me happy birthday. The food was mediocre. Won’t be back again because they don’t even give you free dessert for your birthday. It’s a once a year thing. Come on!


I Don’t Tip On My Birthday

I found this little gem floating around on Instagram. Warning: If this guy comes into your restaurant any time in July you probably aren’t getting a tip because “it’s his birthday”.


– Submitted By Chasta –

How Dare You Not Offer Something Free For My Birthday!



why ask if we celebrating anything which we were and then not even bother to offer a free happy birthday desert?? The food wasn’t even that good and would not go back. So many choices to eat out for my birthday dinner and I choose you guys but would never go again, used to love Red Lobster! It was such a letdown birthday dinner.