Where Is My Birthday Certificate?



I have not received my yearly certificate for my birthday. I tried signing up with a different email address because I plan on going to Benihana tonight. There is a 24 hour waiting period to be able to print the certificate. I find that rather distasteful.

I already patronize Benihana 3-6 times a year and I can’t take advantage of a $30 discount once a year? I checked my old emails and the last communique I received from Chef’s Table was in 2010. I have my heart set on Benihana tonight for my birthday celebration so I am still going.

Benihana will not be on my list for future celebrations due to this poor marketing tactic. That $30 would have helped pay for my babysitter.

Entitlement at its finest…

I Can’t Believe They Wouldn’t Serve My Friend Without Her ID



Someone I know just went to Red Robin to have a drink on her 21st Birthday. They refused to serve her because she didn’t have her new ID
. She went to the DMV this morning and they gave her a paper Id and she still had a picture I’d w/ her Birthday on it . Do not try to have dinner at Red Robin on your Birthday:( what a let down!

I Could Have Served All The Tables In The Restaurant And Still Found Time To Sing Happy Birthday



So disappointed… took my daughter to our local Bee’s for her 10th Birthday, well she picked Bee’s because I thought I knew that they would sing Happy Birthday…Anyway , waitress brought out her free ice cream, handed it to her and said happy birthday…. what????….she said they were too busy to sing and they don’t really do that anymore. She said they only had 5 servers…but I look around there we’re only 16 tables mostly 2 party a couple 4 party and one 7 party… I could have waited on all the tables myself with one hand tied behind my back and still took one minute to sing to her….very disappointed and no more birthdays at Bee’s for us… 🙁

It’s My Birthday, I’m Pregnant, Give Me Something Free!



I am very disappointed today with the Olive Garden. My friend and I went there for my birthday just to find out you do absolutely nothing for birthdays! No discount on check no complimentary dessert, nothing. After getting past that, I ordered the pumpkin pie cheesecake just to be told they are out. And to to it off, I’m pregnant! If you’re going to have seasonal food, you should order enough so that by 130pm you aren’t sold out. What a way to spend your one ‘special’ day a year. Thanks.

I Can’t Believe You Did Not Provide Candles For My Uncle’s Birthday



Went to Applebee’s for lunch today to celebrate our Uncle’s 97th birthday (there were 11 people). After we had eaten, the servers came out and sang Happy Birthday and gave him a small dish of ice cream. We asked why there was no candle. They told us candles were against Applebee’s policy. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!! IT’S HIS 97TH BIRTHDAY PEOPLE, WOULD IT KILL YOU TO LIGHT ONE CANDLE!!!! If this is your “POLICY” then I won’t be returning to Applebee’s. That is just ridiculous!