There Was A Wait To Sit, So We Sat Ourselves

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Had the worst experience tonight at your leesburg location. Terrible hostess who wouldn’t sit me and my family due to a group of 21 in front of us, while having 5 booths in the dining room that we had to point out to her. Finally just sat ourselves, and let the waitress know we were there. After changing 3 different waiters and waiting 10 minutes the pat person came to get our drink order. After ordering and our food taking over 25 mins for a kids meal and one of your salmon and steak platters. Steaks cooked medium/medium well when ordered rare. But we start to eat anyways because we are so hungry. My wife starts eating mashed potatoes, and she find a nice long burnt price of something unidentifiable in it. So after two bites we are both turned off and disgusted. Manager offered to make us another one but we had our fill also known its probably gonna take another 15-20 mins to get out we paid for my sons meal and left. This has been the worst dining experience I’ve ever had. I WILL NEVER EAT AT YOUR LEESBURG LOCATION AGAIN!! And will never recommend it to anyone.

My Server Has The Personality Of A Pair Of Sweaty Balls

This guy told me he was going to leave cash and when I went to greet another table he walked out and left me this instead. I checked back on him several times and he never told me anything was wrong.


trevorNote Reads:

-There was a bug in my beer
-There were fruit flies circling my table
-Trevor boxed up wrong kids meal for my wife who left
-Steak was overcooked
-All food was cold
-Trevor has the personality of a pair of sweaty balls


My Steak Was Cold…A Year Ago…


Joe: Went to a chili’s in Niagara Falls and had a bad meal. A steak no less was cold and hard to eat. I posted on here last year about it and they said they would take care of me and try and make this right. Gave them my information and still haven’t heard anything from the company. I haven’t been back since.

Radio Man: Coming up on today’s show…Man holding a grudge over a cold steak ordered a year ago, vows to never eat there again unless of course he gets a free gift card!

Death In Family = Free Food!


Nothing like using a death in the family to score free food at Olive Garden!

Applebee’s Was Mean To My Son When He Prank Called Them!


Grace: My teenage son made a prank call to an Applebees asking if was the Crusty Crab (this has been going around the internet) and the person answering the phone “Thank you for calling Applebees!” told him to f*** off and get a f****** life. I am not condoning what he did, but what an outrageous reaction. I am appalled that she would say that while at work, when the option was just to hang up.