My Coworker Wrote A Bad Review About Me

So this new co-worker started at my bar about 6 weeks ago and we didn’t get along from the start. So recently he decides to go and write a bad review about me as a customer saying ridiculous things bad about me and praising himself. Sadly enough this man is 42 years old and is acting like a teenage girl. Don’t quite know what to do about it after telling my boss! Don’t know if I’d want to work at a place who would allow this to happen with no repercussions. Help! Here is the review:



When my coworkers think my food is their food


Anybody else have this problem? No matter who I am working with, my coworkers for some reason think that when I am on break (that is, if I even get one) they are free to help themselves to my food as they pass by.

I’m not going to lie, I am guilty of this too… 😉