Applebee’s employee fired due to “bad publicity” after being beaten unconscious by a coworker’s husband


Rien Hendricks (left) and Timothy Phares (right)

Applebee’s has made headlines yet again…

This time it’s dealing with an apparent hate crime in Wisconsin. On March 17, 2013 Applebee’s server Timothy Phares was brutaly beaten by Rien Hendricks, the husband of Phares’ coworker Shannon Hendricks.

Sources say Phares had visited the couples home with his sister earlier that night for a party, when he left after the couple had treated him badly.

Later that night Phares and his his sister were exiting their car in the parking lot of a local Perkins, when the couple, Rien and Shannon Hendricks, pulled up behind them in an SUV.

As Hendricks got out of his vehicle he said, “Fucking faggot, I’m going to kill you,” according to Phares. Hendricks then struck Phares in the head with a 2 x 4 piece of lumber, knocking Phares unconscious.

After the attack, Hendricks was taken into custody and “charged with substantial battery intended to inflict bodily harm, a Class 1 felony. He faces a $10,000 fine and a much as three and a half years in prison,” according to the Wisconsin Gazette. Even with Hendricks yelling the slur, Barron County district attorney Angela Beranek says there is not enough evidence to charge him with a hate-crime.

After the incident Management at Phares’ place of employment, a local Applebees, told him not to return to work because of the bad publicity surrounding the case. The firing was short lived, when Greg Flynn, the CEO of Apple American Group franchise, stepped in and rehired Phares.


A screenshot of posts left on Applebee’s Facebook Wall

The original firing of Phares has brought on a lot of anger towards Applebee’s publicly and on their Facebook page. Many are threatening to boycott Applebee’s forever because of the incident. They are angered at the fact that the wife of Rien Hendricks was never fired or charged for the crime as well as Applebee’s apparent refusal to delete several anti-gay slurs posted on their Facebook wall.

Phares said the reason behind the assault is a mystery to him, although a local source familiar with the players in this story contacted Wisconsin Gazette to say there’s more to it than Phares is revealing. The source claimed that Phares’ behavior played a role in prompting his problems at Applebee’s as well as the attack. Read more on story on Wisconsin Gazette…


The full story has clearly not yet been revealed…I’ll let you know if anything else comes out about the incident…

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