My Coworkers Frequently Stiff Me

I work as bartender in a restaurant/lounge. Staff are allowed a half price pint when they finish their shift. All but three serial stiffers in the front of house are very good tippers, but those three are the ones who will stay for several drinks and usually have a meal as well. Also, pretty well the whole back of house stiff me on every purchase. This would be just annoying if it wasn’t for the fact that we have to tip out 6% of sales to be divided up amongst the kitchen and various support staff (we have A LOT of staff). The tip pool is paid out weekly based on hours worked. So every time one of them stiffs me, it comes out of any tips I’ve earned up to the point in the day. I’ve gone to management and complained as it’s really starting to add up, it was $45 from Thursday to Sunday last week. Management has told me that when staff are off shift, they are regular customers like anyone else and can leave any tip they like.

How can I approach this subject with the individuals responsible without looking like an @$$hole. It’s not fair that they take up real estate at the bar where I could be earning money from other customers and that for some of them, they’re actually stealing a bit of cash from me by me having to tip them out on any purchase they make. It would be one thing if I at least broke even, but now I’m actually paying THEM to serve them!? WTF!?

It’s otherwise a great place to work and most of these people I consider friends. How can I deal with this?


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When my coworkers think my food is their food


Anybody else have this problem? No matter who I am working with, my coworkers for some reason think that when I am on break (that is, if I even get one) they are free to help themselves to my food as they pass by.

I’m not going to lie, I am guilty of this too… 😉

I Work with the Best People

A few weeks ago we had a very busy Sunday Brunch. After brunch ended, while we were doing our sidework, I realized that all of the money I had in my pocket was gone. It had to have fallen out of my pocket. I know there was well over $200 when I last checked. Not all of the money was mine. We have server banking. We searched everywhere. My boss spent about an hour watching surveillance video. No luck. I was going to have to take money out of the ATM to pay what I owed. It would have been frustrating enough working all day for free but for it to cost me money to work was so upsetting. We went on doing our sidework when my boss called me aside. He handed me a check presenter with over $140 in it. The entire staff had put in money to make up for some of what I lost. I love my coworkers.


When Do You Pick Up The Guest’s Check?

Question, do you pick up the guest’s check before they leave or do you wait until they are gone? Some of my co-workers believe it is rude to pick it up while they are still at the table. I usually grab it while I politely thank them again for dining with us. I have gotten burned too many times when the guest has either taken both copies of their credit card receipt, or left me the one that they left blank. Just trying to see what others do! Thanks!

~Shawna (Ohio)