The Internet Is Trolling Cracker Barrel’s Facebook Page and It Is Glorious

What started as an innocent post to the Cracker Barrel Facebook Page from a guy named Brad, quickly spiraled out of control on early Tuesday morning.

Brad demanded answers for why his wife was fired from Cracker Barrel earlier this week and boy did he get them! Once someone responded with a smart ass comment it opened the door for thousands of other trolls to feed off of Brad’s post. And what happened next may be the best thing to ever happen in the history of Cracker Barrel Internet History!



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Couple Tips Waitress With A New Car

A couple, who were regulars at a local Cracker Barrel in Branson, MO, decided to make a waitress’s day by giving her an extremely generous tip for the holidays.

Whenever Gary and Roxann Tackett visited the restaurant they always noticed an old, battered vehicle in the parking lot. After seeing it so many times they asked a few employees if it was abandoned. The couple were told that the vehicle actually belonged to one of the employees, Cindi Grady.

Out of the goodness of their heart they both decided something needed to be done to help this employee out. On Thanksgiving weekend they surprised Grady with a 2008 Ford Fusion decorated with a red bow. The Tackett’s daughter recorded the whole encounter and uploaded it to Facebook, where it has since went viral. (Video provided below)

Cindi told Yahoo News “It restored my faith in humanity…There are good people in the world watching…that care…and you might not even know them.”

Keep Your Gay LifeStyle Outside Of Work

The crazies are raiding Cracker Barrel’s Page today…



Rod Brown:

I saw that they put the duck dynasty stuff back. You should have never removed it! BUT I ALSO ADD THIS…regarding pandering to gays and lesbians…I WANT MY FOOD SERVED BY A PERSON, not a person Marketing whom they sleep with. I DONT KNOW WHAT RELIGION THEY ARE EITHER do i? they arent doing ANYTHING or dressing in a way that would tell me such, right? as far as i know, all of you could be klan. i wouldnt know. WHY? cuz youre not walking up to me serving food with KKK written in a tat on your arm, right? WELL WHY IS IT OK for a person to act like abottom or a butch lesbian While serving food? if you wanna dress for work, Do such. NOT trying to wear the male’s outfits cuz you wanna let people know youre a stud lesbian. Not wearing your hair in the most masculine way you can because EVEN AT WORK you have to show your sexual behaviors…ALL THE HETERO PEOPLE COULD ALL BE SWINGERS as far as I know, they dont WEAR or ACT in any kind of way to let me know they are such. I cant tell if they are mass murderers. i dont know if they are BDSM lovers. i dont know ANYTHING ABOUT THEM. so i see NOTHING WRONG with telling a person to keep their GAY LIFESTYLE OUTSIDE WORK because WORK is not where people are supposed to be Displaying their sexual wants. Unless the girls dress like Hooters girls..showing they are looking for MALE ATTN, I see no reason why some Bottom or some butch should have that option. WE dont. seems to me, they want an ability that NO ONE ELSE has. if they want rights? let them have it…ALL THE WAY..if you want to work at crackerbarrel, and Do it in some SEXUALLY OPEN way? then you need to get out the bathroom…because the bathrooms are not meant for MALE AND FEMALE people to enter together for reasons of PRIVACY. So if youre planning on being openly gay, then why should you have the right to enter the bathroom of the same sex? Unless MALEs can go into the bathroom with the ladies..Then gays need to be removed as well. THAT is being equal. THAT is being fair. The way they will try to fight this, is by pointing to blacks in the 60s. BUT bathrooms are not an issue simply due to skin tone..BUT SEXUAL PREFERENCE can and HAS been an issue in bathrooms.Privacy has been thwarted.And Sexual actions have been done. Cameras from men, planted in women bathrooms. Sex between males in bathrooms. SEX is an issue in a bathroom. So If they want to be OPEN…AND dress, and ACT in a way to let ALL know it…THEN GIVE THEM ALL the rights that men and women have. RIGHT TO PRIVACY.

Waitress At Cracker Barrel Receives $6000 Tip Toward Tuition

This week Abigail Sailors, a Cracker Barrel waitress in Nebraska, was working her normal shift just like any other day. She was serving two patrons whom she kept a conversation with throughout their meal. She recounted how she grew up in several foster homes and finally found a wonderful family who took her in. She then spoke of how she was attending college at Trinity Bible College but needed to take the semester off to afford tuition.

Little did she know that one of the patrons she was telling her story to was a Trinity Bible College Alumni. Inspired by her story the patron wrote out a $5000 check to Trinity Bible College to cover Abigail’s college expenses as well as a $1000 check written out to Abigail herself. He also left a $100 tip, which Abigail split with another server.

[Read Full story: Huffington Post]

The Duck Dynasty Cracker Barrel Catastrophe

Have you seen Cracker Barrel’s Facebook page lately? There is a post every second regarding the Duck Dynasty drama and Cracker Barrel’s decision to stop selling their products.

I can’t wait for this Duck Dynasty nonsense to go away. These people seriously have too much time on their hands.