There Was A Snot Ball In My Coffee!



My husband and I went to the Cracker Barrel in Erie Pa today after we went Black Friday shopping. We were seated and ordered our drinks and food…all was great….UNTIL, my husband took a sip of his coffee and spit it out onto his plate because there was either snot or a ball of phlegm in it. It obviously ruined both of our meals. The waitress apologized multiple times but it was already too late. He will never order coffee there again…if we even go back!


………………….BUT if you send us a card for some free meals, we will gladly become Boogertarians.

Eggs On The Side

I am a waitress at a Cracker Barrel Old Country Store here in Concord/Charlotte, North Carolina. I have been at this location and have only ever had a few complaints. However, this one older couple I had takes the cake for being the most difficult.

It was a Saturday night, so we were open until 11 pm. I was only scheduled until 9, and it was about 7:40-ish when they walked in. They both ordered the Double meat Pancake breakfast, but the woman didn’t want her eggs, and told me to simply put her eggs on her husbands plate. They had me make a series of similar requests in how they wanted their food to be presented, and I did my best to keep up with their orders.

I went to the back to put their order in, and had to do a “see server” to let the kitchen know there was something specific that needed to be done. I told them what needed to be done (bacon crispy, eggs all on place setting one’s plate, etc.). I got the couple their drinks, and made sure everything was okay before I went back to the kitchen to check on the progress of their order. Everything was fine, so I left them with a smile, and went to check on my other tables and then headed towards the back. It took less than ten minutes for their entire meal to be prepared, but when I brought it out to them the woman sarcastically said, “It’s about time!” I smiled and handed her her plate (the eggs were on a separate plate). The Gentleman then received his plate, and the eggs on the side. I asked them if everything looked good, and if they had received everything they needed, the way they needed it. They smiled and nodded. I left, promising to check back on them in a few minutes, and went back to the back to get a towel to clean off a table that had just been vacated.

No sooner had I returned from the back with the towel in hand than the man that I had just served raised his hand with a grimace. I, inwardly worried, hurried over to the table and greeted them, “Yes sir?”

“My eggs are cold, and they didn’t come on the right plate!”
“I’m sorry your eggs are cold sir. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. Let me get you some fresh eggs.”
“No, these are fine, just heat them up for me, will you?”
“Are you sure?”
“Yah, just throw them in the microwave.”

He had chopped his (Over Medium) eggs up so the yolk was all over the place, and it just didn’t look appetizing. I took his eggs to the back, and had the back put the plate in the microwave for about 30 seconds. A short time later, the plate was returned to me and the eggs were steaming hot.

I brought the plate back out to him and set it down, and asked again, “Sir, are these hot enough for you?” and “Are you sure you don’t want me to make you some fresh ones? It’s easy as pie!”

He nodded his head that they were hot enough, and shook his head about making the fresh ones. I nodded in submission to his desire, and turned to the lady. Is everything alright with yours?” she nodded as well.

A short time later, after I had dropped the check off for the couple, gotten them drink refills on their coffee for the umpteenth time, and got them a couple biscuits to take home, I found out from my manager, Keith, that he had had to comp their entire meal because the couple complained to him about their eggs not being on the right plate. I asked Keith if they had said anything about the eggs being cold. He shook his head, and I rolled my eyes at the couple. I hadn’t received anything that evening on Credit as far as tips go. I checked my tab, and nothing was registered. I figured they were out in the gift store shopping. 15 minutes later, I checked again, still nothing. They had stiffed me of a tip simply because of eggs.

Moral of the story: make their meal EXACTLY like they tell you they want it, or you will be out a tip, and not be able to put bread on the table.

(Submitted By Kara)

I’m Appalled That You Forced U.S. Air Force Airmen To Wait For A Table



Today I visited the Cracker Barrel at Meacham Blvd and Hwy 35 in Fort Worth Texas like I have every Saturday for years. Unfortunately, we will not be back. Today I watched as five United States Air Force Airmen were forced to wait while civilians were seated before these men who serve our country day in and day out. I would have gladly given up my table and waited an extra 15 minutes or so to allow our men and women serving and sacrificing for our country to be seated. As our military men and women need our support now more than ever the act if disregard for these men was absolutely appalling.

So…why didn’t you give them your table? How do you know that the people sat before them were not active military not in uniform, veterans, firefighters or any other group of people who put their lives on the line for others?

The Name Of My Diet Is The “Meat Your Maker Soon Diet”



You just lost long time customer. I hate change. And I hate your new menu. Not only removed alot of items. You changed the rest. Been with you since used have white linen on tables. The name of my diet is the meat my maker soon diet. In other woods I not on a diet. Since half country obese that mean most of us are not so your trying appeal to the healthy crowd doomed to fail.