You Gave Me Food Poisoning! Give Me More Food!

Jen: My other half got food poisoning from your restaurant. He’s been stuck in a hotel room directly across the street all day puking and your manager will not walk a bowl of soup across the street to him! Your GM expressed her ‘concern’ but in reality it all seems to be marketing instead of action.


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Next Time We Won’t Tip


Barbara: Had lunch in Princeton last week , my waiter waited for me to sign my check receipt and took it before we left to check his tip. A few minutes later he came back to our table and asked if the service he provided was ok and we said yes…apparently he was not happy with a 12% tip. Next time we come we are not giving a tip, so we hope we get the same server.
So rude and disrespectful. We only had lunch and 3 people.
Hope you had a great day that day….good thing we were not teenagers he really would of been pissed at no tip at all. …Smile…

Thanks For Hating Me Chili’s! You Blew It!



Dani: Dear Chili’s,
I eat there at least 3 times a week if not more for YEARS and you are taking away everything I love….today was the final straw. Today is the day I decided I will NEVER eat at Chili’s again….it breaks my heart to do it but clearly you do not care for your customers and your classics!
First you made me fall in love with the incredible blackberry patron margarita! Then you ripped it away…
Then the white pepper gravy that went with EVERYTHING, steak, mashed potatoes, french fries, broccoli, garlic bread, literally EVERYTHING was better when dunked in it….it was a staple, and suddenly it was ripped away from us too…
The final straw, the nail in the coffin, was today. I started getting healthier habits the last couple of months and switched from the classic sirloin to the lighter choice sirloin and was OUTRAGEOUSLY surprised at how much better it was than the classic. It had an incredible flavor in the rub and topped with diced tomatoes, onions and lime….it was FANTASTIC! I vowed I would never go back to the classic because this was so much better and only 250 calories when paired with broccoli and now…when I called today, it was pulled from the menu as well.
All this avocado crap is overkill…not everyone likes avocado! Avacado is GROSS and some people are even allergic to it and yet it is on EVERYTHING!
I get introducing new things to keep the menu fresh but hey, how about keeping what works for your loyal (or should i say formerly loyal) customers, the regulars, the ones who maybe don’t like or can’t eat avocado!!
I don’t like a pile of freaking tomatoes, that is gross, but I was eating tomatoes and enjoying them when they were diced with the onions and lime and piled on my steak….
I am the voice for many….
You are forcing my hand, I HATE Applebee’s A LOT but their menu is now more appealing than yours. I will actually go there now and it is YOUR FAULT!!! I love TGI Fridays but they are too far but if we get one here I will be all over that place too!! I will never set foot in Chili’s again! Neither will sooo many people I know who are complaining about the changes as well.
I may even start a “Chili’s sucks now here’s why…” group on FB and I bet there would be thousands of members in mere hours!!
You should have added new things but left what was working alone, its not like all the same products to make it are not already there!!
Way to screw up a good thing Chili’s Grill & Bar! You now officially suck!

Don’t Call Me Sweety


Becky: OK – I have tried the survey several times and it never works and then I went to contact us on the Applesbee’s page and can’t get anything sent always an error so here I am on your facebook page – we ate at the Applebees in Wheeling Highland and had a server that continued to call us Honey – sweety – darling sugar and who knows what else – this is very offensive to us – we reserve those words for each other please let your sever Crystal know that we will not let her wait on us again – thanks

How Dare You Not Take Expired Coupons!

How dare Olive Garden put an expiration date on a coupon and have it actually mean something…


Bruno: Very disappointed to learn Olive Garden is no longer accepting your own $4 expired coupons, thats like throwing big advertising dollars down the drain.
When we found out the coupon wasn’t going to be honored at the end of our meal and our server told us “sorry we don’t take expired coupons anymore”. How about posting it on Facebook that your no longer taking your expired coupons.
Trust me we have lots of choices for italian food and this will be the last time we visit a Olive Garden to be embarrassed. FYI the 4 of used to dine at Olive Garden about twice a month.
Facebook Olive Garden TROLLS you DON’T need to respond. You know who you are it doesn’t concern YOU.