Restaurant Calls Out Philadelphia Eagles LeSean McCoy For Leaving Bad Tip

A restaurant in Philadelphia, PYT, recently posted on their Facebook page a photo of a receipt with a $0.20 tip left by Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy. The bill was for $61.56…

Post by PYT.

After receiving some backlash for posting the receipt, the owner then posted a status to explain his side of the story:

Post by PYT.

Les Bowen of The Philadelphia Daily News then shared McCoy’s side of the story via Twitter:

The restaurant has received some mixed reviews on the posting of the receipt. It probably wasn’t the most professional move on their part, but it’s refreshing to see an owner stand up for his employees…




Irresponsible move or well deserved?

“It’s not like you are doing anything for me that I can’t do myself”

“Please share this before I hurt this man” -Anonymous



Soooo sick of hearing people bitch about improper tipping, if you put your self into a position where you depend on others people gratuities to make a living and have yet to realize that the world and the people in it are completely fucked that’s on you. If there where places that I could do all the services my self as far as getting up and walking to a fridge and getting my own beer when I need it that’s where I would go. Its not like your doing anything for me that I cant do myself yet you expect money for it!!!

The thing that scares me the most is that 13 people actually agreed and liked his comment. What a douche.