Punctuation Is Your Friend…



Steven to Olive Garden:
so,my wife and i had one day off together so i asked her what would you like to do,her response was lets use the gift card we have and get dinner.so after 1.5 hours we had no dinner and a waiter asking us
if we wanted a to go box for the bread sticks because he had a issue and someone else was supposed to take care of us.so i don’t want anything from you no apologies no please give us another chance because i have talked to people on the east coast and here in tn and i here the same thing, so keep doing what you are doing and you will fail i am not happy where i am at but i do my job i have one thing to do take care of my family so i do my job happy or not i do my job maybe you need to look at your people and ask what is right. I will not be back until something changes

I Feel It Is Disrespectful That You Discontinued My Favorite Dish



I am a loyal customer of Denny’s…. on my most recent visit today… I was shocked beyond belief to find out that the French toast with apple crisp on top was discontinued…. I feel this is very disrespectful, and I speak on behalf of the majority of BC citizens. I ask with the most respect I feel adequate for this kind of situation, please bring back this option in your breakfast menu, if not I will take my money elsewhere, and will not recommend you to friend and family

Yours Truly,

The Needy People Of Facebook

A collaboration of entitled customers for our personal enjoyment


Zilch…nada. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to avoid serving your needy ass ahead of time.


Because, like, we hate people like you. 🙂




No words…



Oh I’m sorry – are restaurants expected to serve self control as well?



As if the peanut dust wouldn’t just blow over to the “peanut free” section…



You wouldn’t believe how many requests there are on their page for this….






I ask myself that exact same question every time I dine at Olive Garden, Brian.


What Jamila said…
I love people who comment on restaurant pages that they don’t even like…makes sense.



Well, see…what you do is…you get off your lazy ass, drive to the restaurant, and try it. It’s a lot to handle, I know. But we believe in you Tammy.



We are specifically hiding it from you Kelsey. You will never find it. Muhahahaha!



I can tell you drink a lot of wine…



Stick to Dunkin Donuts Sara.


You, Jean, just made my day. 🙂