It’s My Birthday, Give Me Free Things!

Brandon: Came in for my birthday and told the waitress it was my birthday so I would get a free dessert maybe but she just wished me happy birthday. The food was mediocre. Won’t be back again because they don’t even give you free dessert for your birthday. It’s a once a year thing. Come on!


Where Is My Birthday Certificate?



I have not received my yearly certificate for my birthday. I tried signing up with a different email address because I plan on going to Benihana tonight. There is a 24 hour waiting period to be able to print the certificate. I find that rather distasteful.

I already patronize Benihana 3-6 times a year and I can’t take advantage of a $30 discount once a year? I checked my old emails and the last communique I received from Chef’s Table was in 2010. I have my heart set on Benihana tonight for my birthday celebration so I am still going.

Benihana will not be on my list for future celebrations due to this poor marketing tactic. That $30 would have helped pay for my babysitter.

Entitlement at its finest…

Olive Garden Gives Free Stuff To Everyone Else So I Want Free Stuff Too



Ok–I am really upset about people complaining about nothing to get something for free. So that is my complaint. Everyone else gets free stuff so I want free stuff too. I stubbed my toe walking in. (that’s your fault) The guy next to me in line had bad breath (and I had to wait a whole 45 min on a Friday night to get a table for 17 next to him) then it took an entire 10 min on a busy Friday to get drinks for our party of 17. Then I am so mad we were put by a table who had a crying child. Can you believe that? And even though we ordered our food wrong, we still were upset the waitress didn’t read our minds and bring us what we wanted in the first place. Then it took a whole 15 min for our reorder. Some guy sneezed by our table too. So gross. We are sending medical bills. We are also upset that all the staff didn’t drop what they were doing, bow down and sing happy birthday to my niece who just turned 19 (who didn’t want the attention anyway) I feel this is just as absurd as most of the complaints. so I want a free meal…(i really don’t want a comp or anything. I just want people to realize how frivilous they are…)

And…Heather wins the internet.