Hate Mail: And You Wonder Why You Continually Receive Bad Service…


From Penny to IYCATT’s Facebook Page: That’s bull shit. I can afford to barely eat out and pay for the food. Doesn’t mean I have enough left to tip.a lot of times the server is rude or abrupt and act like they don’t want to wait on you or even be there. They deserve nothing.

If servers are constantly rude to you perhaps that is a sign that you are a shitty customer and they are tired of serving you for free. If you can barely afford to go out and eat then stay home and don’t spend the money genius.

Server Fired For Not Giving Tip Back

Chanetrice Carter, a server at the Glen Allen, Virginia IHOP, was terminated for refusing to give back a $200 tip she received from a customer a week prior.


Carter was approached by her manager who stated that the customer agreed that it was his handwriting and signature on the receipt, but he did not mean to write a $200.00 tip for a $25.76 check. Instead he meant to leave a $2 tip (not even 8%). The manager then told the server that she had 7 days to pay the tip back.

Carter refused to return the tip, resulting in her termination.

“Nobody’s rights have been violated here. There has been no unlawful termination,” said Steve Benjamin, WWBT 12’s legal analyst. “She didn’t have to return the money, but they can, in turn, fire her because she is just employed at will.”

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I Don’t Tip On My Birthday

I found this little gem floating around on Instagram. Warning: If this guy comes into your restaurant any time in July you probably aren’t getting a tip because “it’s his birthday”.


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