Never Prejudge A Table – That’s Often Why You Lose Out On A Tip!

This past Sunday, my last table of the night was a family of 14. Another server passed on the table, because the were about to be cut, but I also suspected they passed on the table because the guests were African-American. I gladly took the table, having had a pretty bad day tip-wise– I figured anything I got would be an improvement on the day. It just so happened that I had waited on the family before, and they remembered me from the last time. They were extremely polite and nice. They were relatively easy to wait on, although I had to really hustle to keep their drinks refilled and other needs attended to since I had several other tables. They were very patient and gracious during the entire meal.

Their bill came to about $400.00– although a good deal of the check was game cards for the arcade– (you can guess where I work) . As per policy, I added gratuity to the bill, since we are supposed to add gratuity to any party of 8 or more. I also didn’t want the party to feel as if they needed to tip on the entire bill– gratuity is only on good and drinks, and not on game cards– about 160 of the bill was game cards. The gratuity came to about 43.00 on the $400.00 bill. I would have been perfectly happy with that, especially given the relative ease of the table and the politeness and pleasantness of the group. I really felt as though I had done a good job with the table and taken the best care of them that I possibly could. We talked about where they were from and it turned out they went to a church near my house. We talked a little about church and I shared some pictures of my kids.

After they left, as I was going to close out the check, I was really hoping that they maybe had added a little extra to the tip. I needed to replace a tire on the family car, and I hadn’t had a particularly good day. Imagine my surprise and delight when I opened the check booklet to find that $88.00 had been added to the tip– bringing the total to $130.00!! It was the best tip I have ever received in my serving career!! I was almost in tears. I quickly went to my manager and asked for some extra game cards– I went into the arcade and handed the mother of the family 7 game cards that had an hour of free game play on each card – one for each kid in the family. I graciously thanked them. What they could not have known was how much that tip meant to me. I was able to replace the tire on the car the next day. The guy at the tire shop said it was good I replaced it when I did as he said it was possibly going to blow out soon. This act of kindness may have saved my family from an accident. It was truly a blessing.

I hope that this story somehow reaches the kind family who gave so generously – your act of kindness had far reaching effects and was a true blessing when I desperately needed it. God bless you and your family. To everyone, please remember that leaving a good tip can really sometimes help in ways you can’t imagine. And to all servers, never, ever listen to any sever who wants to say that this group of people or that group of people aren’t good tippers. You are only selling yourself short. We have all had an experience of getting stiffed by a guest of a certain race– don’t make the mistake of letting one negative experience apply to all people of that race. I always try and give all my guests the best service I can, regardless of their race or creed or origin or sexual orientation. More often than not, I am tipped well by my guests, and those that don’t– well, this has more to do with class than race. Classless people come in all races. So don’t ever prejudge a table– they can see it on your face and sense it in your attitude and body language– that’s often why you will lose out on a tip. Treat all your guests like they are going to be great tippers, and you’ll be surprised !!

And again, to the wonderful family I waited on this past Sunday– God bless you and thank you sincerely for your kindness and generosity. Your act of kindness meant more than you could ever know!!

– Submitted By Doug –

Avoid Publicly Announcing How Much Of A Shitty Tipper You Are

Floyd: Against my better judgement, I had breakfast for 5 at IHOP in Huntersville, NC and as always I DO NOT LIKE IHOP! $46.33 plus $2 tip is a waste of $$ could’ve made a much better breakfast at home and had change leftover. It is impossible to drive into this particular location and I pray I don’t get a ticket because there’s only one way in to this location. I almost ended up on the highway trying to find the location and had to run the red light to avoid going the wrong way…my food was awful as was expected…not being mean just telling the truth.

FYI…you probably should avoid publicly announcing how much of a shitty tipper you are unless you want to be put on blast…by me! 🙂


Why Don’t I Get Tipped?

And another one…where do they come from?


I work at a grocery store 6 days a week. I spend my days and/or nights walking around the large store shopping for orders (some of which fill up 2 or more shopping carts). I have to climb up shelves to reach items that are high or pushed far back. I have to sort through damaged items to find ones suitable. I have to lift heavy items multiple times. I often call about out of stock items, and then have to deal with last minute substitutions and add-ons. I sort and bag groceries, pack totes for delivery, and bring items to cars (some customers don’t even leave their cars).

Guess how much I get tipped?

Nothing! I provide a service to people by shopping for them, and the people don’t tip. I get my paycheck and nothing more.

But why should I be tipped? A tip is supposed to be a reward, and what did I do to deserve a reward? My job?

That makes no sense to me. Why should I be rewarded for doing my job? The fact that I’m still employed is reward in itself.