Idiot Of The Day


Matthew: Just a heads up. In case you weren’t aware, the 2.13 as a tipped employee actually allots you the opportunity to make more than the federal minimum wage. If, however, your wage in tips does not equal to that of minimum wage, you are then able, through your employer, to recieve a form and file for ‘missed income” meaning your “I only make 2.13, let me continue to Bitch about my problems” theory is irrelevant.
You make minimum wage +, count yourself greatful to be allowed the opportunity in what should be considered temporary employment at high school level job to be able to make more than other in the same tier of employment based on your level of performance.
This whole entitlement shit of the servers needs to stop.
You look like a bunch of fucking beggars to the public forum, have some God damm self respect.

Idiot Of The Day



Idiot Of The Day

Ignorance must be bliss…


Bill: Prffffft ….tipping is wrong …I shouldn’t have to pay more than the prices of the menu …..they work for the wages they receive which is fair …it’s a job for students ….restaurants are owned by cheap skates ….who put the burden on the costumer to pay someone’s salary ….tips should be 2 maybe 3 dollars …if you serve 20 tables well that’s an extra 40 50 dollars on top of their pay….I’d take an extra 20 or 40 dollars a day on top of my pay …it’s not a good idea to get a job where you rely on people to give you money to provide for a family ….it’s not a secure job