Idiots Of The Day

Our wall is swarming with idiots today…


Josie: Why don’t I tip? You liars make more than $4. I don’t appreciate hair in my food, nor do I like it over or undercooked. Also don’t like being interrupted 10 times mid conversation. You get paid to serve. You’re greedy as fuck. And if you don’t like your job then find another one. There’s people that work MUCH harder than your lazy asses and deserve those tips more than you. Stop believing you deserve money to just fall in to your hands, idiots.

Josie: How stupid is this page… They get paid to serve your ass food. No one is obligated to tip. That’s like tipping a bagger at walmart for helping you to your car…

Max: if you cant afford to pay your employees dont hire them


Idiots of the day…

These are the idiots flooding our wall today. I don’t have the energy to deal with them so I decided to just post their ignorance on our website. Enjoy! 🙂