It’s National Pancake Day…Better Complain About It!

It’s National Pancake Day!

Once known as a day where customers were encouraged to donate to charity in lieu of paying for their pancakes…

Now it has become a day devoted to demanding freebies, running your server to death, complaining about your good and service, and then not donating or tipping a dime.

Stay classy.

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Customer Complaint: I Demand Hot Water To Wash My Utensils!

I’m not sure why they refused to give her hot water, but I still get a kick out of the fact that she thinks hot water is going to sanitize her utensils better than the 180 degree water from the dishwasher at the restaurant…


Consuela: I like IHOP and all but how in the Sam hell they are going to refuse a customer hot water? I like to put my silverware in hot water everywhere I go because those utensils are not very clean. I think that is poor customer service to refuse to give a customer what she ask for. But they will give you HOT COFFEE, HOT CHOCOLATE, HOT FOOD AND WHATEVER ELSE IS HOT BUT NOT HOT WATER. IHOP will not get my service again EVER!!!! I don’t know why they trying to act funny with the hot water when you walk outside the parking lot smells like sewer. They need to be worried about that if anything. IHOP in Columbia,SC on Two Notch Rd. sucks!!!!!!

Server Fired For Not Giving Tip Back

Chanetrice Carter, a server at the Glen Allen, Virginia IHOP, was terminated for refusing to give back a $200 tip she received from a customer a week prior.


Carter was approached by her manager who stated that the customer agreed that it was his handwriting and signature on the receipt, but he did not mean to write a $200.00 tip for a $25.76 check. Instead he meant to leave a $2 tip (not even 8%). The manager then told the server that she had 7 days to pay the tip back.

Carter refused to return the tip, resulting in her termination.

“Nobody’s rights have been violated here. There has been no unlawful termination,” said Steve Benjamin, WWBT 12’s legal analyst. β€œShe didn’t have to return the money, but they can, in turn, fire her because she is just employed at will.”

Read more on this story HERE

Avoid Publicly Announcing How Much Of A Shitty Tipper You Are

Floyd: Against my better judgement, I had breakfast for 5 at IHOP in Huntersville, NC and as always I DO NOT LIKE IHOP! $46.33 plus $2 tip is a waste of $$ could’ve made a much better breakfast at home and had change leftover. It is impossible to drive into this particular location and I pray I don’t get a ticket because there’s only one way in to this location. I almost ended up on the highway trying to find the location and had to run the red light to avoid going the wrong way…my food was awful as was expected…not being mean just telling the truth.

FYI…you probably should avoid publicly announcing how much of a shitty tipper you are unless you want to be put on blast…by me! πŸ™‚


There Was Weed Ash On The Changing Table



So I just went to IHOP in fort Walton and had to change my baby’s diaper. There was weed ash and a lighter on the changing table. The manager acted like it was no big deal, dude didn’t even have have any spray or nothin, just squirted some hand sanitizer on a paper towel and assured me “none of these things are ‘clean’ it is a public bathroom” I was like “yeah, but I know what weed ash looks like and I’ve never seen some on a changing table”
But really man, you ain’t got spray? At a restaurant? You don’t spray *anything*?
I’m not usually the district manager calling type, but they’ll hear from me for sure.

I think weed ash is the least of your worries when it comes to a public changing table and what has touched it…just don’t let your kid eat any. πŸ™‚