I Didn’t Give The Waitress A Tip Because I Didn’t Get A Big Enough Discount



My apologies- however, today i confirmed pretty much that i will not be returning to IHOP. Your restaurant is ONLY good at pancakes. Daughter absolutely loved them. Didnt say anything as i grudgingly ate a BLT that tasted like it was 4 days old, plus french fries that were stale and soggy. We were on the way to get her an ultrasound on her bad ankle. I mentioned this honest review upon checkout and was apalled that i only got 10 percent off. Once again, i didnt want to damper the lunch. I was so embarrassed and shocked that i didnt give the waitress a tip. Only time in decades that i didnt do so.
On the bright side- you wont see me others with me at your place again… or will only enjoy a drink as they have pancakes. Hope your places improve.

(Submitted By Nichole)

My Religious Experience At IHOP




This morning, I took my family out to breakfast at my local IHOP. We were looking for a delicious meal of diner food, but since a large, national chain has driven all of the local diners out of business, we went to your establishment. I ordered pancakes and eggs from what I assumed was a chicken.

After taking a bite of the pancakes, I began to experience tunnel vision. The light around our table dimmed and the entire world shrank to a pinpoint, seemingly both infinitely far away and close enough to touch. When the world returned, I looked around and found myself floating several feet off the ground, my body still below me, slumped over in the booth, eyes vacant and staring, “raspberry” sauce dripping from my slack jaws.

I, fearing for the future of my children, refused to give up the ghost and swam downwards, back into my body, forcing myself to wake from my pancake-induced diabetic coma. With my inability to eat more of the pancakes, I made the foolish choice to try the eggs.

It appears that the restaurant was out of chicken eggs and, instead, was forced to use a replacement embryo from Cthulhu himself. I can only surmise that the were eggs from nether realms as, within 10 minutes of consuming them, an unholy terror, the likes of which could only be dreamed up in the mind of Lovecraft himself, finished gestating in my intestine and began to hatch, angrily clawing its way into this world bent on turning our population into a slavering horde of servants, forced to do its bidding until such time that it allows us, in its infinite glory and mercy, to die.

It is, of course, always possible that I am mistaken. It is possible that they were only chicken eggs.

It is possible that a simpler explanation is that my frail, mortal, human digestive system has simply not yet evolved to the point where it is able to handle eggs that have been prepared with enough butter to shock Paula Deen.

In any event, please let this note serve as a thank you. I have never once in my short life had what I would refer to as a religious experience. Now, however, my continued existence has forced me to acknowledge that there is, somewhere, a kind and loving God.

So thank you! Thank you for allowing me to experience my own mortality and thereby giving me same the gift that was given to both George Bailey and Ebeneezer Scrooge. Thank you for helping me to appreciate the few brief moments that we have upon this rock, spinning endlessly through the void.

All we have is each other. We must cherish every second of our lives, spreading love and kindness. With this new lease on life, I shall go now and spend time with my children, teaching them the gospel of IHOP and hoping that they, too, will be able to fully appreciate our fragile existence.

Thank you.

Ihop Won’t Replace My Phone I Dropped A Plate On…



A waitress at Ypsilanti, MI Ihop insisted on handing me my daughter’s plate of pancakes and while doing so it fell into my hand flipped & landed face first on my cell phone & wallet. It took the regional manager over a week to contact me to tell me this. Since when do they record their customers eating & since when do customers purposly feed their kid’s pancakes to their phone just so they can’t use it. Ihop of Ypsilanti treat their customers like a joke. All I want is help with replacing my phone because it WAS NOT MY FAULT. The waitress apologized about ten times. Help!


Case # 330878 so don’t reply with please tell us more! Please help me!


We apologize for your experience, Amanda, and we will make sure that your comments are shared with the franchisee.


shoudve made a police report. but as they stated its not their fault so theyre not liable


Really? They already responded and said it was your fault. What else you want them to do lol


Made a police report over a waitress dropping a plate of pancakes on my phone and wallet? That’s cute.


Help replace my phone because it was not my fault that man is a liar. It busted the back of my phone to wear there was no glass on my cameras screen and now nobody can hear me when I make a call or receive one. I work as a nurse aide doing homecare & my phone is very much needed. All the extra comments from you other people are not necessary.


You people are real a******* and it’s not necessary for you to comment on my post. Their plates are the very heavy and thick ones. I didn’t make a big deal of the situation until the next day when I realized nobody could hear me speaking on it. I would ask you what would you do if it happened to you, but frankly you’re not my business & I could care less. So if anybody else has smart comments keep them to yourself because your opinion is not important to my situation.


That had to have been one heavy plate of pancakes to shatter the glass on a phone.

Perhaps you shouldn’t leave your phone laying on a table where food is served. Accidents happen…if you are willing to take the risk, be willing to face the consequences. 😉

Reverend’s Story Doesn’t Quite Add Up…


Reverand B:

I love ihop and have been back to the location I went to on the morning of March 13th, But this matter was never taken care of by iHop… I am still owed an apology, and breakfast of Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs I ordered, and paid for, without getting to eat, because the cops were called and I left the building and went to the car to avoid further issues with that manager. I left a twenty on the table to cover my meal that they claimed I walked on the bill for. Which they told the sheriff was why they were called.

Go home Reverend (aka Reverand)…you’re drunk…