Fired From Applebee’s For A Walk Out

My name is Mark and I was recently fired from Applebee’s (shocker) for what I consider to be the most disgusting reasons possible – 25 days before Christmas.

You see – last week I had a 3 top run up an 81 dollar tab (pretty high for Applebee’s), excuse themselves to smoke, and never return. Of course my options were to take a write up or pay – neither of which I was willing to do, so I found one of the guests by complete chance at the Walmart behind the restaurant between my shifts.

This lovely human being tried to run but I caught him and asked him to pay for his bill. We walked across the parking lot of Walmart, into Applebee’s where I thought he would pay. He didn’t. He never did.

Instead, I was sent home for 3 days while they discussed my employment and they then fired me. You see, apparently the group that owns this chain of Applebee’s (AIG or Apples Investor Group) has a policy in place that no one can confront a guest after they breach the door way. I was never aware of this policy and my manager admitted he wasn’t either. Where do I go from here? What do I do? I am writing the paper and called AIG and left a voicemail about how upset I am about all of this.

I know you guys are over a quarter million likes so maybe, just maybe, you can help.

Happy Holidays


Can My Restaurant Do This?

Submitted by Shana

Looking for advice… My restaurant is a corporate chain that is “cutting costs” for the winter. They used to have a fountain person, responsible for takeout and desserts, that made over $9 an hour, and a dishwasher who made around the same wage. They also cut our greeter. This is all on weekdays. We, as servers, make 2.63 an hour. We greet and seat the door, wait on our tables, make the desserts, bus and clean the tables, and are required to rack our dishes and put them away when they are done washing. All this is in addition to the sidework and silverware rolling we are already required to do. When hired, I never agreed to this nor was it ever mentioned. I feel that this is not legal and taking advantage of us. It’s pretty much slave work if you ask me. I Need advice! This doesn’t seem right.

Placed On Leave For Having Fibromyalgia

Does anyone have any legal advice for Lisa?

Lisa: I’m at a loss on what to do, I thought I’d share all over hopefully to become viral, I need help in regards to what my employer is doing to me.

About my job, my conversation with Nichole my general manager and what they’re doing to me because I have fibromyalgia and am now limited working serving. I am not disabled but they won’t let me work and are placing me on 52 week leave, will not terminate me nor work with me. I need help this is regarding my job and what they are doing to me if someone has time to watch or forward or know what I can do about this please let me know!

Jon Stewart Explains How His Past Job Experiences Have Shaped Who He Is Today

In a recent interview, Jon Stewart explains to Saman Arbabi how he chooses to lives his life just being a decent human being and not letting the fame get to his head.

“People always say, ‘Well, are you an activist?’ and I say, ‘No, I’m not really an activist,’ but if there’s some measure of activism in me, it’s the quiet activism of living pleasantly. That sense of, when you go to a restaurant, the person who’s waiting tables, like, don’t be a dick to them,” Stewart told Arbabi “That mentality, I feel like, I try to infuse in my life and my work, if I can.”

“I’ve worked a lot of shit jobs, and I’ve struggled a lot,” Stewart said. “I think you never lose, that person is always with you, to let you know that you’re not so great. I’ve been fired enough to know that that person is still in me, and that I have to work harder and get better.”

If only everyone had this mentality.

The Restaurant Episode 13: Bob The Manager

A web series that peeks into the lives of servers and bartenders working in a restaurant in Chicago.

With the crew up to their old antics, its up to Bob the Manager to set an example and remind them all why they do what they do.

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