My Manager Is A Push Over

I was working tonight in the bar of a northeast chain restaurant (there is about 110 of these restaurants. Large enough to be considered a corporate restaurant.) I had a man and his 21 year old daughter come into the bar and order a couple of drinks. I gave them time to look at the menu and when they appeared to be ready I went and took their order. The daughters order was simple and straightforward. The man ordered a “blacked chicken caesar salad”. I asked him to elaborate since our chicken caesar is just stated “chicken caesar salad.” He said he orders it with blackened chicken all the time and they should know what he wants. I don’t usually work Sunday nights so I figured maybe the kitchen would have an idea of what he wanted. He also shouted at me while I was ring his order if it wasn’t hot, he would send it back (red flag!). I rang it and modified it and went to the cook and asked if he could do it for me. He said he should be able to. I told him if he had any questions to call me back (our bar faces our open kitchen so I would be able to hear my name). About 2 minutes later, my cook calls me over and says we don’t carry cajun seasoning anymore and he can’t make blackened chicken. I went and explained this to the man. This was totally unacceptable to him (another red flag). He demanded to talk to my manager. After my manager talked to him, I saw him looking at the menu. I had gotten a little busy and wasn’t able to make it over at the moment he set the menu down, but it was within a minute.

Fast forward about 16 minutes, his daughter was eating (I wasn’t going to let her food sit in the window) and I was keeping an eye out for his food but the kitchen had gotten a little weeded. He made eye contact with me and put his arms up, shrugging his shoulders. I told him I’d go check on his food. My manager was in the window and I asked how long. The kitchen said about 2 minutes. I relayed this message to the man and he got a sour look on his face and said he didn’t want it. I apologized and said just another couple of minutes. He said again he didn’t want it. I offered it to be made to-go. He declined. My manager had it packaged to-go anyway and brought it over and apologized. He explained to the man that he had taken all the food off the check, including his daughters meal and gave him a $20 gift card. This man then said something about “still having to pay for the drinks?” He had 2 tall beers and his daughter had a malt beverage (about $15 worth).

This is where you piss me and my fellow bartender off! My manager proceeded to take everything off the tab. Then the jerk ordered another beer from my co-bartender. I didn’t think much of it until my manager came behind the bar and comped that beer also. I was cut and left. I texted my co-bartender thanking her for getting me out early and asking her to let me know if we get tipped by that bastard. She said she would let me know! This was about an hour after I left and he was still there drinking and the manager kept comping all his drinks off.

Really? Why would you do that? I have been a manager before and I know there are customers we don’t want. This just pisses me off!!!

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Family Kicked Out Of Applebee’s For Children Being Too Loud

A Texas family claims to have been kicked out of an Applebee’s for their children being too loud. The manager of the restaurant contacted the authorities and they were given a notice warning for criminal trespassing by a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Kens5 News reports that an Applebee’s spokesperson profusely apologized for what happened and said the management team had mishandled the situation. The restaurant also invited the family to come back and offered them free passes for dinner.

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Source: Family kicked out of Applebee’s over children’s ‘active’ behavior

We are clearly not getting the full story here…

As usual another corporate restaurant gives in and sucks up to the customer when they raise hell and make them look bad. God forbid they get the full story and back up their employee for once. I’m sure they will be firing the manager soon enough. As we all know, the customer is always right, even when they are wrong. 

Manager Retaliation…How Do You Handle It?

It has been about four years since this occurred, but upon reading stories on this site I’m curious as to what the community will say.

When I was 18 I got my first job in the restaurant business. I was a host for about six months, attempting to go to school part time while I worked to pay bills and help out my family. I did my job well and always made sure things were done as best as I could do them. Unfortunately one of my managers decided that he didn’t really give a rat’s ass about my schooling and CONSTANTLY scheduled me when I had class. I asked him time and time again how to change this and prevent it from happening, but it got no where. I even went out of my way and gave him my class schedule and where I had to go! It wasn’t until 13 weeks later that I was informed by a fellow coworker, whom I had informed about my problem, that I could just ask for an availability sheet that all new employees are required to fill out and would be put into the system.

After all of this transpired, I was having dinner there with my family one night and over heard him talking negatively about me to another employee. My girlfriend at the time (who also worked there) was even standing right there with them! So being the rebellious young kid I was, I talked to the GM about it and he didn’t do a damn thing. So I went over his head and called the corporate office. They sent him an email about the occurrences and for that week everything was pretty good. But all hell broke loose when I went to get my schedule and paycheck that week. My hours had been cut from about 25-30 hours down to a measly 5 hours a week. I asked as calmly as I could why this was. His response? “Chad, you’ve just become too difficult to schedule and this is the only way I can think of to resolve this issue.” Now after a couple weeks of this I quit and went and got another job. Now that I’m almost 23 and know a little bit more, I think this was basically retaliation on the manager’s part, was it not?

So, what I want to spread out there is what my now 70 year old grandpa told me after all of this…”don’t take shit from anyone…and I mean ANYONE. If they aren’t treating you right and you’ve tried to fix it, then, damnit, you stand up for yourself and do what’s right!” I love my Papaw 🙂

But I want to ask you all…if I could go back 5 years and do this over, what should I have done?


Sweatshop Or Not? Should I Fight This?

To save labor my employer cuts the back of the house and makes the servers do the other jobs such as washing dishes and making desserts. They make us stay two hrs late to close the dish room for a measly $2.13 an hr. Mind you we are not making tips at this point because the restaurant is closed. They insist in telling us that it is our job and if we don’t do it we will be written up and fired. They also change our hours in the system as not to reflect any overtime. So basically we are doing this for free. I was written up and suspended just the other day (and probably going to be fired) because of a bad close. Mind you I was cut early and stayed to help on my own time, as to again save labor, the manager clocked me out when I was cashed out. Should I fight this? Is any of this legal?


Note To Restaurant Manager

A very nice couple left me this sweet note, along with a 50% tip! It made me so happy, so i thought I would share!



Note to Restaurant Mgr:

Ashley made our dinner very enjoyable. She is an asset to your restaurant. My wife and I travel a lot and Ruby Tuesday is one of our favorites. Ashley is by far one of the best waitresses we have had the pleasure of having waited on us. You are lucky too, my offices are too far away or I would hire her myself. Excellent customer service skills and a good work ethic are a rare combination. Tell her “Thank-You” please from Pat and Lisa.