Soldier Says His Tip Is The Freedoms He Provided While Serving

This tip receipt left by a soldier was posted on Facebook yesterday by a Military Apparel Company, Ranger Up Military and MMA Apparel, stating “Don’t Be That Guy”…


A Heartfelt Surprise

Last Sunday, I was given a typical section. The host and manager pulled me aside and explained that a family was coming in (mother/father/daughter/son) and it was the mother’s birthday. I rolled my eyes until the manager explained that her eldest daughter was in the Navy and had just gotten back from over seas and the mother didn’t know she was home yet. The eldest daughter and the father had set this up. About ten minutes later the family comes in. They sit down and order their drinks and some appetizers. As I go to put the order in the computer my manager grabs the ENTIRE staff to sing our birthday song, with the daughter dressed in her Navy uniform tagging behind. We sing the mom the birthday song, she says “thanks guys” with an eye roll and a head shake. Then all of a sudden she catches a glimpse of her daughter and let out the loudest “OH MY GOD” I have ever heard and she started bawling; I started bawling; the whole dining room started applauding. I must say as a server, that right there was one of my proudest moments.