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Steven to Olive Garden:
so,my wife and i had one day off together so i asked her what would you like to do,her response was lets use the gift card we have and get dinner.so after 1.5 hours we had no dinner and a waiter asking us
if we wanted a to go box for the bread sticks because he had a issue and someone else was supposed to take care of us.so i don’t want anything from you no apologies no please give us another chance because i have talked to people on the east coast and here in tn and i here the same thing, so keep doing what you are doing and you will fail i am not happy where i am at but i do my job i have one thing to do take care of my family so i do my job happy or not i do my job maybe you need to look at your people and ask what is right. I will not be back until something changes

Olive Garden Testing Out New Babysitting Service


Jason: I work at the closest store to Olive Garden corporate and were the test store for a lot of things. Those that work for OG, FYI. We’re starting a kids night, and a host or Togo specialist will be in charge of providing “daycare dinner service” for children with crafts, bubbles, coloring, and such. It’s going to take up a whole room and the kids will be in the center of the room, while the parents dine on the side. The “little Italy ambassador will be clocked in under training at $8.05 an hour.
Stay strong kids. The swarms of children are coming.

How do you feel about this?

The Deathly Allergy At The OG

I will never understand the people who have a deathly allergy (or worse, their kids do) and they put their trust in a complete stranger working at a restaurant and expect their server to be a licensed dietitian…

Uniformed Officer Asked To Leave Restaurant For Being Armed


What is your opinion?…

Michael Holsworth: Please share this….
So I was going to eat lunch with my family today (10-11-2015), we had decided to go to the Olive Garden in Independence off 40hwy and Noland Rd for my birthday lunch… officer2They were running late getting there so I decided to go inside and wait for them. I walked in and sat down on a bench just inside the doors. As I was sitting there waiting, one of the employees told me ” Sir, we don’t allow guns in here.” Now mind you I am in full police uniform and on duty. I actually thought it was a joke at first so I asked her ” Are you serious?” She replied back with ” Yes”. So I told her ” well I can leave I guess.” She then replied back ” yes please leave”
Now I never in my wildest thoughts would of thought this would happen in the Kansas City area. I see it happening all over the United States to other officers but never thought it would of happened to me.
Please share this post and let everyone know how this establishment is treating their local law enforcement.

How Dare You Not Take Expired Coupons!

How dare Olive Garden put an expiration date on a coupon and have it actually mean something…


Bruno: Very disappointed to learn Olive Garden is no longer accepting your own $4 expired coupons, thats like throwing big advertising dollars down the drain.
When we found out the coupon wasn’t going to be honored at the end of our meal and our server told us “sorry we don’t take expired coupons anymore”. How about posting it on Facebook that your no longer taking your expired coupons.
Trust me we have lots of choices for italian food and this will be the last time we visit a Olive Garden to be embarrassed. FYI the 4 of used to dine at Olive Garden about twice a month.
Facebook Olive Garden TROLLS you DON’T need to respond. You know who you are it doesn’t concern YOU.