Darden Is Screwing Their Employees

Can any other Darden employees vouch for this? This is not cool…


Anndrea: Hi everyone! Happy Holidays!
Just a few questions for the executives there… I resigned about a month ago after nearly two years of serving and bartending at a Florida location. I often wonder why I stayed so long but, I do love the food and my co-workers and even most of the management. As for my questions, why do you demand such stringent rules on the amount of servers per shift, tables per server and number of servers on large parties? On a weekend night it was nearly impossible to break $600 in sales. Often my 3table section would be a one or two table section for most of the shift because my tables were held for large parties that weren’t due in for an hour or more or didn’t show up at all. Even more annoying is the fact that if two of my tables were used to make an eight top, I had to have another server on that table with me even though only my tables were being used. Also I’m not sure if you are aware but, the coupons are out of control. Online, e-mail, and in the paper have all contributed to a permanent devaluation of the product and a loss-loss for both the bottem line and service staff. The one thing that really stood out as different this year was the lack of information to employees regarding Starbridge. Do you think we are not able to understand a corporate take-over? Don’t we have a right to understand how the history of our corporate structure is being rewritten?I do have to commend you on the forced change from dish(old portal) to Krowd(new portal) during open enrollment this year. Since more of us needed healthcare more than ever it was so thoughtful to shorten the time to enroll by almost two weeks, make it impossible to do so on the outdated POS at work, and generally add to an already confusing enrollment situation by forcing users to switch to the glitchy new portal. Hope I get some answers for those much deserving friends that are still employed there. “When you’re here,you’re family.” Right? Hope that the Darden family members can afford their holiday this year.

Why Won’t You Give Me Freebies?


Jayne: I dislike this resturant, i sent email asking to help us out and give my Mom who is a vet of the korean war a gift cert and becuz she was having cancer surgery, which I did receive from Longhorn Steakhouse and Red lobster but I received no response of any kind from Olive Garden I guess they are to big to help out Vets nothing from them I sent 2 emails and yet nothing what is wrong with this company?

Man Eats Olive Garden Twice A Day For Six Weeks Using His Pasta Pass

Alan Martin purchased a “Never Ending Pasta Pass” from Olive Garden for $100 and has now eaten over 95 meals over the last six weeks. He says he has received $1,510 worth of food so far.

He plans to use the pass twice every day until the pass expires on Nov. 9.

“I would love to be the person that ate the most of the 1,000 people. That would be a good contest to win,” said Martin. “Because that means I got the most value out of the card of anyone in the United States.”

As long as he tipped at least $302 between all of those visits, I’m okay with this. I may be a little sick though…

Death In Family = Free Food!


Nothing like using a death in the family to score free food at Olive Garden!

Olive Garden’s Unlimited Pasta Promo Hilariously Backfires

This past week Olive Garden came up with the grand idea of offering a 7 week promo of Unlimited Pasta and Bread for 1,000 lucky customers. As you can imagine, this immediately backfired when people suddenly realized it was near impossible to win one. Many have now declared war on Olive Garden and are demanding their unlimited pasta for their gluttonous souls!

The angry customers have invaded Olive Garden’s Facebook page and have even went as far as creating pages to boycott the restaurant for being a “scam” – Check out OLIVE GARDEN SCREWED ME OUT OF A PASTA PASS 🙁

Some have even compared this to the healthcare.gov disaster. OG customers clearly take their pasta SERIOUSLY!

I would just like to thank Olive Garden for providing the hours of enjoyment I have experienced from reading these entitled complaints from patrons who clearly think the world revolves around them. I have provided a few of these hilarious complaints below…enjoy!