Don’t Walk Away When People Are Placing An Order

Don’t Walk Away When People Are Placing An Order

To the Redneck who thought it was cool to yell at me;

I made sure you had everything you needed, and when you asked for the dessert menu, I assumed you would need at least a second to look it over, so I went to check on my other table. That is anything but rude, what is rude; is that you think you are the only person in the restaurant. Look I don’t know you like that, and you may be a tad bit delusional if you think I owe you anything. I make $2.13 an hour, that means I do not have to standby and put up with your psychotic redneck breakdown.

The Server you treated like a dog,

PS. Come back and try to sit in my section, I dare you. It’ll be a lonely and uneventful night for you if do.


That’s Not What I Ordered

Today some friends and I went to a sports bar to grab some drinks, food and watch the hockey game that was on. I ordered some appetizers and the waiter accidentally gave me empanadas instead of the plantains I ordered. At first I was confused, thinking maybe the plantains were inside of the empanadas so I took a bite. After that I realized he had brought me the wrong order. I started to eat them slowly as I waited for him to come back so I could tell him he brought me the wrong order but it took him about 10 minutes to get back to the table. By that time I had already eaten most of the order. He finally came back and I told him that I ordered plantains instead of empanadas in which he replied “why didn’t you tell me?” I told him he hadn’t been back since giving them to me 10 minutes ago. Everything was fine afterward until he brought the bill with the empanadas on it. I waited for him to come back and said “you accidentally charged me for the empanada” (kind of a passive aggressive way of saying that but I wasn’t going to pay fro something I didn’t order). He replied back with “the ones you ate?” That kind of made me a little angry because it’s not my fault you brought the wrong order. I did eat them but I never asked for them. I ended up tipping him 9 dollars on a 61 dollar bill, which is a low tip but his attitude about the situation rubbed me the wrong way. Just admit you messed up and there is really no problem. I just wanted to know what other people thought and would do in this situation.



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