Always Remember Where You Came From

Makenzie: So here’s the deal. Our service tonight sucked. Took 20 minutes to get water, 40 minutes for an appetizer and over an hour for our entree. People all around us were making fun of the restaurant & how bad the service was. Yeah, it was pretty terrible. But, it was very obvious that the issue was being short staffed, not the server. He was running around like crazy and never acted annoyed with any table. At one point we counted he had 12 tables plus the bar. makenzieMore than any one person could handle! As I sat there and watched him run back & forth and apologize for the wait, I said to Steven… Wow, this used to be us. Waiting tables. I don’t miss it at all and I never loved that job. I did it for the tips. Steven and I agreed it would feel good to make this guys night when he would probably be getting minimal to no tips due to slow service. We walked out before he saw this and I’m not posting this for a pat on the back. I’m just sharing this as a friendly reminder to think of the entire situation, before you judge. And always always always remember where you came from.


Restaurant Calls Out Philadelphia Eagles LeSean McCoy For Leaving Bad Tip

A restaurant in Philadelphia, PYT, recently posted on their Facebook page a photo of a receipt with a $0.20 tip left by Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy. The bill was for $61.56…

Post by PYT.

After receiving some backlash for posting the receipt, the owner then posted a status to explain his side of the story:

Post by PYT.

Les Bowen of The Philadelphia Daily News then shared McCoy’s side of the story via Twitter:

The restaurant has received some mixed reviews on the posting of the receipt. It probably wasn’t the most professional move on their part, but it’s refreshing to see an owner stand up for his employees…




Irresponsible move or well deserved?

Sales Tax = No Tip

Since when was sales tax a surprise?


Receipt Reads: Because your company taxed me for nothing 55.19

Isn’t A Tip Supposed To Be What You Can Afford?


Stacey: ok… i absolutely love Red Lobster…but one issue….
SINCE when do you put on the bottom of your receipts for customers on tip suggestions from 15-18-20% tip on the bill. There are families out there that rarely go out to eat at a nice place and can only afford what they can in tip after a meal. Isn’t a tip suppose to be what you can afford based on service too. Not a suggested rate that would make some feel obligated to give that amount even if they can’t afford it in their budget. I mean come on…JS for the less fortunate and bigger families who’s suggested tip amount would be higher. Isn’t that kinda rude?!?!?!