Server Surprises Widow Dining Without Husband On Their Wedding Anniversary

Reddit user Coppin-it-washin-it posted a photo of a note his mother recently received from a server at Red Lobster that has gained a lot of popularity.

After his father passed recently his sister decided to take their mother out to her favorite restaurant, Red Lobster, on her and her late husband’s anniversary. When the server asked if they were there for a special occasion his sister explained that her parents had been going to Red Lobster for the past 31 years for their anniversary, but since her father had passed away in March she decided to take her mother and keep the tradition going. From then on the mother and daughter continued to enjoy their visit at the restaurant but never expected to get this when they received their bill…


The note reads:

We are sorry to hear about your husband’s passing, but we appreciate your loyalty in spending 31 years of your anniversary with us. For our appreciation your meal is on us! We look forward to spending your next anniversary with us!


Red Lobster + your server, Taylor

When Coppin-it-washin-it posted it on Reddit on Wednesday night he never expected it to go viral:


A Red Lobster spokesperson was contacted by BuzzFeed about the heartwarming moment:

“We’re truly proud of the Columbia team. We also extend our wishes to the family who dined with us and look forward to serving them again next year!”


Isn’t A Tip Supposed To Be What You Can Afford?


Stacey: ok… i absolutely love Red Lobster…but one issue….
SINCE when do you put on the bottom of your receipts for customers on tip suggestions from 15-18-20% tip on the bill. There are families out there that rarely go out to eat at a nice place and can only afford what they can in tip after a meal. Isn’t a tip suppose to be what you can afford based on service too. Not a suggested rate that would make some feel obligated to give that amount even if they can’t afford it in their budget. I mean come on…JS for the less fortunate and bigger families who’s suggested tip amount would be higher. Isn’t that kinda rude?!?!?!

How Dare You Not Offer Something Free For My Birthday!



why ask if we celebrating anything which we were and then not even bother to offer a free happy birthday desert?? The food wasn’t even that good and would not go back. So many choices to eat out for my birthday dinner and I choose you guys but would never go again, used to love Red Lobster! It was such a letdown birthday dinner.

Red Lobster Gave Me A Virus



Went to red lobster last weekend and my whole family ended up with a virus that has been going around. When your employees are ill, it’s best to let them have time off. If it wasn’t an employee who was ill, then I can only assume the cleaning efforts need to improve.

Beyond that the food prices are much higher than they should be. Why pay $15 for a meal I can get from IHOP for $10. I could understand if the fish was great or a larger portion. But it tasted like something I could have purchased at WalMart and cooked myself.

My family loves Red Lobster and Olive Garden and we are trying to determine if the problem is specifically that location or Darden restaurants as a whole.


So is red lobster your family’s singular channel to the outside world? That’s unusual.

What Part Of “We Do Not Take Reservations” Do You Not Understand?



Tonight it was my Mom’s 79th birthday. We decided that the whole family would go to Red Lobster for the evening. We had about 25 people. We called and they told us they didn’t take reservations, but if we would just come earlier than the 6:30pm time we requested that they would take our name and begin lining up tables to accommodate us. It was snowing pretty bad tonight and the roads slowed everyone down, still we all managed to arrive at 6:15pm only to be informed by management that because we weren’t there at 6pm they gave the couple of tables they began to save away and that it would be a 45 minute wait before they could have enough room to seat us. The Manager actually told us, “All the restaurants are going to be that long of a wait…it IS New Years Day!!?
At that point we called Logan’s Steak House which was across the street. They said they’d be happy to have us and would seat us immediately! We drove right over and enjoyed a great meal at a great restaurant who found a way to accommodate the $500 tab we brought to them! It’s little things like this that put Red Lobster out of business.