Waitress Who Accused Customer Of Leaving Racial Slur On Receipt Is Being Sued For Fraud

Back in September we posted about a Red Lobster waitress, Toni Christina Jenkins, who received a racist remark on a receipt from a customer. On the tip line “None N*gger” was written on the the customer’s receipt. Read story here: Racist Customer Left Check With ‘None N*****’ Written In Tip Section.

The customer in question, Devin Barnes, has now filed a lawsuit against Jenkins stating that he did not write the racist remark. Barnes says he and his wife went out to eat at Red Lobster on September 7th but due to a family emergency they had to switch their order to-go. He says he did not leave the waitress a tip and wrote “none” on the tip line, but did not write anything else.

jenkinsSince the incident went viral, Barnes told Nashville News that he has received several harassing messages and death threats from people all over the world in uproar about the receipt Jenkins posted on the internet. Jenkins was later suspended from Red Lobster over the incident. Many people who felt bad for the waitress started collecting donations online for Jenkins, raising over $10,000 for her.

Barnes has hired a Forensics Document Examiner to compare samples of his and his wife’s writing to the writing on the receipt. The examiner has concluded that Barnes nor his wife wrote the comment on the total line. Barnes plans to use this evidence and file a lawsuit against the waitress as well as Red Lobster.

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Read more on the story here: Red Lobster customer to file lawsuit after receipt posted online – Nashville News

It’s My Birthday! Give Me Free Things!

Apparently these customers expect the world to revolve around them on their birthday…

Congratulations…you were born. So was everyone else. You are not entitled to free things.


bday1 (2)







Not Enough Handicap Parking



very dissatisfied with your Brownsville, Tx. location, I took my mom their to eat Sunday, we drove from Harlingen, the handicap spaces were full. We are the land of Winter Texans, so ALOT OF handicap space is needed. Brownsville HAS 3 ONLY. So we had to find another place to eat, THANKS RED LOBSTER BROWNSVILLE, I DONT GET my handicap mother out often and we drove 30 min to get ther and couldn’t park


Why didnt you park in front, get her unloaded then park and walk to meet her? Too much?


Theres a crub there, she cant step up


So walk her up the handicap ramp, get her situated at the host area, and go park the car..


The handicap place is a long ways from the front door, its on the side of the bldg., mom cant walk that far, and her wheel chair is to heavy for me to lift out of the trunk

I Will Not Return To Your Establishment Due To You Making Me Wait My Turn



I really think you have a terrible policy on reservations/call-ahead seating. My family wanted to celebrate my mom’s 88th birthday at your Knoxville/Kingston Pike location today. Mom really likes RL, but we hardly ever get to go. I called last week and explained that we would have 14 people, but I was told you don’t do reservations or call-ahead. So one of my nephews arrived 20 minutes early to put our name on the waiting list. He was told at that point our wait would be 90 minutes to two hours! We expected something of a wait because it was prime time: 1 p.m. on a Sunday. Once we were all there at 1 (six different vehicles coming from all over town), and the wait time had not improved at all, we discussed our options. We called another, very popular restaurant, and they said they could seat us in 20 minutes. It took us 10 minutes to get there, and they seated us immediately. We had our food and were eating long before we would have been seated at RL. We had a wonderful meal with excellent service, and I know I’ll be going back to that restaurant at the first opportunity. It will be a very long time before I even consider trying to go to Red Lobster again.

It really pisses me off when people complain about wait times. They clearly told you on the phone that they don’t take reservations (as crappy as that policy may be to you, there are reasons for it). They were up front with you when you got there about how long of a wait it would be. Yet you still expect them to accommodate you and screw all the other people waiting ahead of you. You are not more important than everyone else! Wait your fucking turn!