I Called Ahead…Where’s My Table!!???

fb31Stephanie: We went to Carraba’s last night for a birthday dinner. We had a party of 8 adults, so we called ahead for a 5:30pm seating (we actually called twice to assure we would have a seat). When we arrived, we were told it would “be a few minutes” so they could push the tables together. After 30 minutes, still no table. The hostess refused to push together two 4 top tables for us to sit at and since one party (that did not call ahead) was taking up both 8 top tables, we would not be seated until they were finished and gone. We ended up waiting an hour before walking out and finding a different restaurant.
The staff at Carraba’s was very unorganized and not helpful at all. We saw 2 full trays or drinks and food get dropped within 5 minutes of each other. It took 15 minutes for the staff to clean up the broken glass on the floor. During that 15 minutes, at least 10 staff members walked by the mess without doing anything. It took a very long time for tables to get bussed and then seated. We watched a couple at the bar (with a pager) be completely forgotten about while multiple other parties were sat before them.
I am completely disappointed with the lack of customer service in this restaurant. I hope this review helps other patrons avoid this type of issue in the future.

So would you have preferred the staff ask the people who “didn’t call ahead” to move so that your party could sit? They can’t magically make people disappear who got there BEFORE you. The world unfortunately does not revolve around you lady…

What Part Of “We Do Not Take Reservations” Do You Not Understand?



Tonight it was my Mom’s 79th birthday. We decided that the whole family would go to Red Lobster for the evening. We had about 25 people. We called and they told us they didn’t take reservations, but if we would just come earlier than the 6:30pm time we requested that they would take our name and begin lining up tables to accommodate us. It was snowing pretty bad tonight and the roads slowed everyone down, still we all managed to arrive at 6:15pm only to be informed by management that because we weren’t there at 6pm they gave the couple of tables they began to save away and that it would be a 45 minute wait before they could have enough room to seat us. The Manager actually told us, “All the restaurants are going to be that long of a wait…it IS New Years Day!!?
At that point we called Logan’s Steak House which was across the street. They said they’d be happy to have us and would seat us immediately! We drove right over and enjoyed a great meal at a great restaurant who found a way to accommodate the $500 tab we brought to them! It’s little things like this that put Red Lobster out of business.

We Hope The Jolly Ranchers Were Worth Never Dining With Us Again

Posted on a fine dining restaurant’s Facebook page…


The Garlic Press: To the person/persons who showed up after closing time for your 8:00 reservation. We are sorry we did not seat you as we were closed. We do however feel that stealing our candy urn and speeding off in your white SUV was rude and immature, as well as criminal. We hope the Jolly Ranchers were worth never dining with us again.

Never in 20 years

I’ve been doing this a long time, off and on for over 20 years. I wait tables because I love the job. I am lucky enough to work at a place that is truly consistent in quality, not only in food but in customer base. I read posts on your site and thank goodness that I don’t have the majority of the types of experiences that are described on this site…Tonight was different.

I walk into work and see that I am in the banquet room (kiss of death on a Friday night to begin with) the room hold 30 comfortably, 40 can be done tightly. We have a policy that if you want the room on a weekend night it is a $1000 min (cheap IMO) in sales before tax and tip. This is to ensure that the restaurant and the server make the proper income to serve large parties. I see a reservation of 25 to 30 in the BQT room with NON-exclusive written by it. since the room seats 30 comfortably is seems to me that it AUTOMATICALLY becomes an exclusive party and the minimum is required. But alas, No, not according to management, “they didn’t want to pay the min” so screw it we’ll take the reservation anyways. I was sharing stations and tips with another server because it required tables from 2 stations to accommodate the set up. Which mind you I can do a 30 top in my sleep. but again, no worries.

Set it all up. manage an extra 4 top in the room to drive the point home that it was NON-exclusive. The lady who made the reservation shows up at 5:30 right at the reservation time. I greet her smiling and ask a few qualifying questions (because management took ZERO bits of information about the party beside the word 25-30-NE-5:30) and this is the ensuing conversation.

me: “Hi how are you tonight”
her: “i’m good”
me: “I was wondering if you had a final count on your party tonight? We have a full set of books tonight and we want to know how to best accommodate you.”
her: “oh, it could be any where 4 to 30. I am not sure how many are coming.”
me (in awe): “oh I see, do you know when to expect all your guests to arrive?”
her: “any time…between now and 6:30 or 7″
me (mind exploded): “oh, wow, okay”

Instantly I was in a panic, and if you know me, that can be a hot mess in it’s self. Here I am on the money-maker night and I have 30 seats reserved for 30 people that may or may not show up. I instantly told her we could not hold all these tables for 30 (imaginary) patrons. I busted 2 of the set up 6-tops down right away and got those sat…and ALONE she sat. 15 minutes later I busted another of the 5, 6 tops reserved for her down to a 4 top and got those sat…and still she sat at a full table all by her self. FINALLY one other guests showed up, her husband of all people. after another 15 minutes, the last of the open 6-tops were stricken back to a 4 so that we could get one more table. And then the 3rd guest showed up. It is now 6:30 and 3 of her 30 guests are there. the 4th and final guest shows at 7. The saddest part was they are completely ignorant to how that lack of planning on a guests part can totally FUCK up an entire restaurants service. She sent out 30 invites and never followed up with RSVP’s or anything. The sadder thing is NEITHER DID OUR MANAGEMENT. They were oblivious to what they had scheduled, no questions, no follow up, no confirmation.

That’s it. Goodnight!