Even Though It Wasn’t The Server’s Fault I Do Not Want To Pay A Mandatory Tip!



We came here tonight (11/1/13–Fayetteville, NY location) to celebrate my wife’s birthday. Waited an HOUR for a table for 8. Then waited ANOTHER HOUR for our food. Super slow service, food was cold(I realize this was the kitchen’s fault, not our server) BUT then we got our bill and they slapped us with a MANDATORY 18% tip!! Seriously? After that horrible dinner service? We are regulars here. We celebrate ALL our family birthdays here. We will NOT be back!! They also changed the burgers and fries. Menu was different too. Not a good change. Can’t believe we wasted $130 and 3 HOURS here!! We also ordered a burger TO GO and they added an 18% tip to that bill as well!!! Rip–off!!

The best response ever from a fan of our page…

The first issue I’d like to tear you a new one for: you showed up on a busy Friday night with a party of 8 and expected to be seated right away because you’re regulars and it’s someones birthday? congratulations on being born! Everyone on the wait list ahead of your group was probably celebrating a birthday too so just calm your tits while we rally the troops (I NEED BIRTHDAY SINGERS!!!)

Secondly, you acknowledged that the server was NOT at fault, and yet felt it was ludicrous to pay the 18% SERVICE fee. Not COOK fee. Not DISHWASHER fee. Not RED ROBIN’S FUCKING AMBIANCE fee. but service fee. The reason large groups see automatic service fees is because, well, the larger the group, the needier the table. Couples are a piece of cake. Family of 4? Pie. But you come strolling in with your rabid, snarling wolfpack of 8? suddenly EVERYONE wanted no ice in their water (Wait, you forgot the lemon in mine!). Everyone wants refills at different times. everyone forgot one last thing that the server has to go back into Kitchen Stadium for. Plus, more often than not, when a large group splits a bill, everyone wants to act like someone else paid the ENTIRE tip. ergo, NO ONE tips, except the honest Abe that left his $5.

How about next time there’s a birthday, throw a good ole fashioned BBQ in your backyard. you can go bobbin’ for apples and everything! and NO SERVICE FEE! damn what a deal!

You Need To Turn Tables Faster So I Don’t Have To Wait



A two hour wait for a lunch seating does not mean you are an awesome brand. It means you care NOTHING about your patrons. If you cannot turn tables quick enough during lunch to prevent a two hour wait, than what are you doing? AGAIN: these pretentious wait times do not equal awesome. They equal operational failure.

The Waitress Barely Smiled, Too Busy Looking At My Man

So , this is what you decide to serve your customers . This shouldn’t even be allowed out the kitchen , as you can see that Burben Burger is burnt , and that salmon shrimp honey crap is too sweet and soggy . I also tried a chicken breast with shrimp , whatever that’s called and it was burned . Then when I talk to a general manager , he has the nerve to get an attitude with me , after I took photos , tried something new , and still wasn’t happy . Great way to choose your staff ! Since it wasn’t the waitresses fault , I left her a 1.00 tip .. and she barely even smiled , too busy looking at my man . Horrible and if I could give a rating with stars , you’d have zero stars . Improve yourselves .. This is the Applebee’s located in Moline, IL . The quad cities .

We Only Had An Hour For 20 People




I love our local Applebees in Bloomsburg Pa but yesterday I was returning home from a bus trip to NY city and we stopped in NJ at Applesbees for dinner. We had an hour before we had to be back at the bus. It took 30 minutes to get a drink and when our meal came it was time to get on the bus so we had to throw it in a take out container and take it on a 3 hr bus ride back home – very disappointed!!


there were only 20 of us and they were not busy at all

Applebee’s Burned My Baby!



Your Resturant in Foley Al burned my baby and now. Due to a one sided investigation my baby won’t have his bills paid or any follow up care. I BEG OF A TOTAL BAN OF APPLEBEES!!!!


he was in a normal position at the table. in a high chair. My father in law ordered the sizzling skillet and the server set it in front of my 7 month old instead of my father in law. she didn’t have her hand off of the skillet before he reached up and grabbed it. Waitress didn’t report the incident to the manager also I was their food skillet that caused the injury. Why does Applebees have to add pirotechnics to their food items. Manager told me atleats 5 Adults a week gets burned. Wait staff should never set burning hot items in front of a baby. hope this explination corrects the issue of you thinking I BURNED MY OWN BABY!!!!


Sounds like your baby burned himself. I mean, I’m no rocket scientist, but I feel like the fact that the baby grabbed the skillet and the server didn’t force him to do so essentially means that the child burned himself. This just might be the most misguided, nonsensical complaint I’ve ever seen lodged, so congrats on being a terrible person.


and no she placed it to the side of my father in law and close enough for him to grab. I’m done explaining .Later