The Time For Complaints About Veterans Day Offers Is Upon Us



This is just a comment and a suggestion. I read in the paper that you are offering free meals from a “special menu” to vets on Nov. 11. While I believe it is a wonderful idea to honor our vets with a free meal, I think it is appalling that you have a “special menu” and don’t allow the vet a free meal from the menu. How great would it be if you offered any entrée on the menu to the vet? What kind of positive, patriotic message would this send? So what if they choose the $20.00 meal? It will gain your company at least that in goodwill.

I Feel It Is Disrespectful That You Discontinued My Favorite Dish



I am a loyal customer of Denny’s…. on my most recent visit today… I was shocked beyond belief to find out that the French toast with apple crisp on top was discontinued…. I feel this is very disrespectful, and I speak on behalf of the majority of BC citizens. I ask with the most respect I feel adequate for this kind of situation, please bring back this option in your breakfast menu, if not I will take my money elsewhere, and will not recommend you to friend and family

Yours Truly,

I Can’t Believe You Did Not Provide Candles For My Uncle’s Birthday



Went to Applebee’s for lunch today to celebrate our Uncle’s 97th birthday (there were 11 people). After we had eaten, the servers came out and sang Happy Birthday and gave him a small dish of ice cream. We asked why there was no candle. They told us candles were against Applebee’s policy. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!! IT’S HIS 97TH BIRTHDAY PEOPLE, WOULD IT KILL YOU TO LIGHT ONE CANDLE!!!! If this is your “POLICY” then I won’t be returning to Applebee’s. That is just ridiculous!

The Name Of My Diet Is The “Meat Your Maker Soon Diet”



You just lost long time customer. I hate change. And I hate your new menu. Not only removed alot of items. You changed the rest. Been with you since used have white linen on tables. The name of my diet is the meat my maker soon diet. In other woods I not on a diet. Since half country obese that mean most of us are not so your trying appeal to the healthy crowd doomed to fail.