Reverend’s Story Doesn’t Quite Add Up…


Reverand B:

I love ihop and have been back to the location I went to on the morning of March 13th, But this matter was never taken care of by iHop… I am still owed an apology, and breakfast of Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs I ordered, and paid for, without getting to eat, because the cops were called and I left the building and went to the car to avoid further issues with that manager. I left a twenty on the table to cover my meal that they claimed I walked on the bill for. Which they told the sheriff was why they were called.

Go home Reverend (aka Reverand)…you’re drunk…

The Waiter Stereotyped Us By Asking If We Would Like A Beer


So today 10/16, I took my wife to Applebee’s on Baseline and Kyrene in Phx/Tempe area. This was my first time I have ever been there and I keep seeing the commercials so I was really looking forward to it. I’m am sad to say the only positive thing that I experience from the visit was the young lady that greeted us at the door! We were seated and Porter greeted us and asked us if he can start us off we 2 beers! First of all, I hate being stereotyped cause of our age and our look. But I don’t think that had anything to do with it cause I was wearing normal clothes and my wife was in business clothes. Never mind all that the fact that you assume everyone drinks is rude! He should of said can I get you folks anything to drink while you look over the menu? Like everyone else! We ordered Dr. Pepper and Pepsi, when they came we both tasted them and they tasted funny, maybe short on syrup or something. So he took them back and brought back 2 new ones and said they didn’t find anything wrong with the soda. He should of asked if we can get you anything else to drink other then the soda cause they couldn’t find anything wrong. So we were stuck with crappy soda. Next thing I have complain about is the lack of Vegetarian options. They wouldn’t even swap out a salad for a main entrée on the 2 for 20 option, FYI the salads were like 2 dollars cheaper!!! Then my wife ordered a salad and asked for extra, extra ranch. Remember that. So he left with our orders, 30mins later he came back. The salad had one cup half full of dressing, and he said “here is your salad with extra dressing”, I asked him for a extra cup of dressing. So he came back with another cup and this one was completely full! Come on dude! The food wasn’t too bad but it wasn’t that great either. My shrimp was over cooked and the green beans were undercooked. I ordered the shrimp and chicken meal that was new can’t remember the name cause I pointed to the picture lol. All and all I am very disappointed in the service I received and I don’t see myself returning to your restaurant again!

I do not feel I should have to tip a person more than I tithe my God

Applebee’s has been struck by the religious nuts once again! Did Pastor Alois Bell’s actions not teach you anything???

fbook370JamesandLaurie Green:

I feel the need to share this story. Laurie and I met her family at Applebee’s for lunch today. After we received the bill, I was appalled that they require a mandatory 15% gratuity for groups of 8 or more, regardless of your service. I do not feel I should have to tip a person more than I tithe my God. I argued with the waitress in which she called the manager. I discussed my religious beliefs with the manager, who then told me that not everyone believes in your GOD. She pointed out that the gratuity policy was on all of the menus at the bottom in extremely small print, that you would need a magnifying glass in order to read it. She then threatened to call the police. At this point, I told her that she could adjust the bill to 10% gratuity or go ahead and call the police. I was not going to pay a person more than what I tithe my GOD. In the end, she didn’t call the police, respected my religious beliefs, and reduced the gratuity to 10%. She did reply that any future visits with a group of 8 or more would require the mandatory company policy of paying 15% gratuity. I told her that we will not be returning to a company that will not accommodate people’s religious ethics. I felt the need to share this because it is important for Christians to stand up for the values God has instituted in the Bible.

See a similar story from Applebee’s that made headline news: I Give God 10%, Why Do You Get 18%?

I don’t like Katschup!


I was VERY disappointed in my food last nite at the Paducah location.My burger was horriable.EXTREMELY dry.I had to add katschup to my burger to CHOKE it down.I don’t like katschup!!I complained a twice and all I got was do you want something else or no comment.No I don’t want something else I just CHOKED your burger down because I can’t afford to waste the food I am paying for!! I don’t go out very often but I expect to ENJOY the food I am paying a fortune for.The tea was good but my MEGA MONSTER BURGER was VERY dry and nearly NO flavor.I wanted to use the mustard but the top had ALOT of old dryed mustard on the inside of the snap top.I was not about the put that on my burger.The waitress brought me a “small ” cup of mayo but I probably would have had to add MUCH more to make it taste like anything.

Thank you for your time,

I was locked in a bathroom stall and no one heard me


I called in a order for a LG stack of hot cakes which i get once a week. When I arrived and looked at them they were half they size they usually are. I decided to use restroom before leaving and I was locked in a stall for over 15 Min’s. I could hear customers why couldn’t staff hear me? It was not busy. I banged until my hands were red and I yelled for a good 10 Min’s. The other bathroom stalls were horrible, stopped up toilets, trash on floors. I am 46 yrs old and my knees are bad, I couldn’t crawl under stall wall to get out. After waiting, beating door, and yelling I finally resorted to trying to kick the door open. My hands and knees are very soar, especially my knee. This is just all uncalled for. The last 3 times Iv been to IHop Iv said I wouldn’t go back but I love the food so I do. This will be the last Time,..think I’ll try Denny’s.
This has ruined my whole evening, I shouldn’t have to pay money to be put in a horrible mood.


And in the restaurant, dozens of customers and employees with full bladders murmured to one another, “I really have to pee but there’s a crazy lady in there screaming.”