Any Tips On How To Not Stress Myself Out?

Saturday night shift coming up… I know one of my problems is I care too much about my customers. I can handle a lot of tables, double, triple seating, etc… I just know that my worries get in the way of my own personal sanity. Any tips on how to not stress myself out?


Tired Of Being Taken Advantage Of

It’s so sad that after working for a company for over 5 years, I can’t take the mismanagement any longer and have to look for a new job.

I work with a bunch of shitty coworkers, and constantly have to pick up their slack. When I tell a manager what they didn’t do/did wrong, they just shrug and say they’re not surprised pretty much shrug it off. When I try to talk to my coworkers about them doing their job right, they act like I’m being a naggy asshole and that it’s not that big a deal.

I tried to have a serious talk to my GM about how so many people get away with texting all day, not running food at all, not doing any side work, basically doing the bare bones minimum, and he told me that I have more responsibilities because it’s “expected” of me, but he doesn’t have the same expectations of them. I dunno, it just seems wrong that a manager can have the attitude of not expecting someone to work because there’s someone else who WILL do it and who WILL give the task 1000%. I feel like I’m being taken advantage of. He told me that I close 5 nights a week because I do a great job of it and everyone else does a shitty job. I don’t mind closing, but sheesh not 5 times a week! I’d occasionally like to be the one who comes in, makes good money, then leaves after the rush. I think that as a manager, if they realize that someone is doing a horrible job they should take some sort of action, not be like, “Oh, well someone else will do it.”

Sorry so long and rambling, I’m just frustrated that I have no other options other than to leave a job of 5 years that up until recently I’ve absolutely loved :’(