Don’t boycott Applebee’s, just order water and tip like crazy

We started a group on Facebook group in response to the recent Applebee’s controversy called “Don’t boycott Applebee’s, just order water and tip like crazy.” We had a huge response to this group right away and many individuals participated in this event. The picture about is from one of our participants, Justin, who shared his receipt with us. Thanks for being a part of this Justin!

A story from Kathryn…


Last night my family and I went out to eat. A little locally owned pizza place. There were 2 girls on the floor. One of them was answering the phone, ringing people up, getting ice, making drinks… The other girl was running around the tables refilling and delivering food. This place has the server serve you pizza and a buffet. I saw alot of people getting upset about slow service. There’s a huge difference in a lazy server talking on her cell or chatting up the hostess and slower service cuz the staff is short handed and its busy. I didnt see those girls quit moving in the hour or so we were there. I used to serve. It took everything I had in me not to bus tables and refill drinks lol. I wanted to help but they did great and showed no signs of being overwhelmed! Be nice on busy nights!