Check Stabbing Gone Terribly Wrong

Check Stabbing Gone Terribly Wrong

This happened by accident to one of my servers. God love her…it’s not even her ticket.


(Submitted By Cat)

Thought I would share my “oopsie” with a check stabber. Talk about an “oh shit” moment!


(Submitted By Kari)

I now have a fear of check stabbers.


Idiot Of The Day

Idiot Of The Day

Brian: Waiting tables is not a career , most waiter don’t even asked the back of the house do they want a glass of water , so stop your bitching and find another line of work , all waiters do is bring food and drinks to the table that’s it , tell your bosses to pay you a live able wage and see what he or she says , you will be sent down the road with your tail between your legs -Owners make a killing off of you bagging servers


Shit People Say To Servers (VIDEO)

Shit People Say To Servers (VIDEO)

Customer: I’m going to have a Cobb Salad, hold the tomatoes, hold the bacon, hold the chicken, no avocado, no cheese…

Server: Sooo, you just want the lettuce?

Customer: I want a Cobb Salad…

Film By Jesse Krompier