You Shouldn’t Tip Waiters/Waitresses More Than 10 Percent


I’d love to know where exactly it is that servers don’t have to pay taxes on their tips and get 5 to 6 tables an hour. I won’t even acknowledge the rest of the nonsense he spewed. This guy clearly has no clue what he is talking about…

Check Stabbing Gone Terribly Wrong

This happened by accident to one of my servers. God love her…it’s not even her ticket.


(Submitted By Cat)

Thought I would share my “oopsie” with a check stabber. Talk about an “oh shit” moment!


(Submitted By Kari)

I now have a fear of check stabbers.


Idiot Of The Day

Brian: Waiting tables is not a career , most waiter don’t even asked the back of the house do they want a glass of water , so stop your bitching and find another line of work , all waiters do is bring food and drinks to the table that’s it , tell your bosses to pay you a live able wage and see what he or she says , you will be sent down the road with your tail between your legs -Owners make a killing off of you bagging servers