Why Can’t I Bring My Puppy Into Starbucks?



I walked into your store with my 13 week puppy on his leash. The store had 1 couple sitting at a table and no one in line. So I go up to the cash register (my puppy is sitting and being silent and waiting with me) (it takes the cashier 2 minutes to come from the back). She doesn’t even welcome me staring at my puppy saying is he a “ahhh ahhh ahh, what’s the word I’m looking for ahhh ahhhhh” this went on for about 2-3 minutes just her saying “ahhh” and I reply back a “puggle?” With a confused voice. The puppy I have is like my son and he loves to give and get attention, at first I thought that’s what she was trying to do… she replies back with NO! what is that word I’m looking for…. and again with the AHHHH… and a minute later I (the customer) am thinking and say “service dog?” she replies with “ahh yeah?” (from the sounds of it she doesn’t even know what a Service Dog is. Well anyways. She replies back to me “well he’s not allowed in here” (Now what kind of wording that she used, I got very upset) I calmly asked her why is he not welcomed in here? And she replies back “because people have FOOD allergies”….. I turn around and start to talk out very upset (it’s about 35 degrees out and I walked with him to get coffee). As I am walking out she replies to me “he can wait outside and he can come back in, but in the meantime we can get started on your drink”

Starbucks, I have 2 questions for you, how is my dog “food allergies” and if dogs aren’t allowed in your stores why is there not a sign saying so?
Also, I know you guys may come back with “well animals aren’t allowed in our stores/restaurants” which I understand, but she didn’t say that, she was very rude. With that 5 minute interaction, my coffee could have been ready and I would have been gone.