Placed On Leave For Having Fibromyalgia

Does anyone have any legal advice for Lisa?

Lisa: I’m at a loss on what to do, I thought I’d share all over hopefully to become viral, I need help in regards to what my employer is doing to me.

About my job, my conversation with Nichole my general manager and what they’re doing to me because I have fibromyalgia and am now limited working serving. I am not disabled but they won’t let me work and are placing me on 52 week leave, will not terminate me nor work with me. I need help this is regarding my job and what they are doing to me if someone has time to watch or forward or know what I can do about this please let me know!

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Ignorance must be bliss…


Bill: Prffffft ….tipping is wrong …I shouldn’t have to pay more than the prices of the menu …..they work for the wages they receive which is fair …it’s a job for students ….restaurants are owned by cheap skates ….who put the burden on the costumer to pay someone’s salary ….tips should be 2 maybe 3 dollars …if you serve 20 tables well that’s an extra 40 50 dollars on top of their pay….I’d take an extra 20 or 40 dollars a day on top of my pay …it’s not a good idea to get a job where you rely on people to give you money to provide for a family ….it’s not a secure job

What Are Our Job Responsibilities?

I’ve been a server for about 5 years now and it’s time to apply for a post-college-big-girl job. Every application asks what the applicant’s job responsibilities were at their previous jobs. What are some things I can put down to make me sound more qualified other than “take orders, enter orders, run food, and cash out guests”?

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Brian: People please people get a job that accommodates your lifestyle and stop depending on people too pay your way through life if I have $14 and won’t a 14 dollar meal I’m going to buy a 14 dollar meal because I had a job that accommodated my eating I really don’t care if I don’t have any more money than what I worked for to go eat don’t be upset at people who don’t wanna pay your way get a real job and stop complaining