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Kimberly: I’m going to start a page called “If you can’t afford to pay your employees a living wage without relying on the public for tips, then you can’t afford to own a restaurant”. Instead of laying a guilt trip on the patrons, why not make the owner responsible and take from his pockets instead of raping the pockets of people who are already over paying for their food to begin with!

What Can I Do About A Server Who Never Tips Out?

Dear IYCATT-ers,
So I’ve been working at the same restaurant for almost 8 years and became a bartender there about a year ago. It’s always been customary that the servers tip the bar 10% of their bar sales and most everyone does. But we have one server who has been there for a couple of years who refuses to tip! She started out as a host and togo, but started serving for a few months now.  She doesn’t even tip her busser! She says by law she doesn’t have to tip! True, she doesn’t. She busses all of her own tables so she feels she doesn’t have to tip her busser, which is fine. However, she upsells more alcohol and flavored teas than anyone in the whole restaurant, which is great, but she does not tip out her bar! Ever! To top it off she’s one of those servers who, no matter how busy the bartenders are, will come stand right there asking for her drinks! This has been brought to her attention several times and her response is always the same…”we’re all here to make money and by law I don’t have to tip anyone!”

Has anyone else ever have to deal with someone like this? Any thoughts and/or suggestions on how to deal with it?

Submitted Anonymously

The Best Prank Ever – Tipping Servers $200

Two guys from Prank it FWD are “pranking” unsuspecting servers by leaving large chunks of cash behind as their tip. The server’s reactions are pretty awesome and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I would love to be able to do this for someone one day.


Watch Prank it FWD’s first prank on servers video HERE

Prank it FWD is a “pranks for good” campaign for charity. To raise awareness for homelessness and poverty, they donate $1 for every 1,000 video views and/or each share with the hashtag #PrankitFWD any of their positive pranks receives. All money raised will go towards the non-profit organization,